Getting Around Venice

The best way to get around Venice is by foot. Although a labyrinth of canals and weaving roads complicate getting around, getting lost is part of this city's allure. You can traverse the canals by vaporetto or water bus/ferry (relatively affordable), water taxi (pretty pricey) or gondola (very expensive). To get from the Marco Polo Airport (VCE), you should take an ATVO bus or water taxi. If you -- like many other travelers -- choose to take the train from other Italian or European cities, you'll be dropped off at Stazione Venezia-Santa Lucia train station, where you can take a vaporetto to your accommodations. Driving is not an option here -- even the police use boats to get around.

On Foot

Venice's narrow cobblestone streets are perfect for strolling. Past travelers even go so far as saying that if you don't enjoy walking, Venice probably isn't the city for you. Keep in mind that street names frequently change and some of them inexplicably dead end. Instead of relying on a map, we suggest you pay attention to the landmark signs, posted around the city, and make sure you know how find a vaporetto (or water bus) stop.


You will find both Venetians and tourists on these sleek, convenient boats. But the stunning vaporetti views of the Grand Canal are compromised by their expense (approaching the equivalent of $10 USD); try to get a window seat or stand outside to really take advantage of your pricey ride fare.


The gondolas have become almost synonymous with Venice. Although they were once used for inter-city transportation, today they're too expensive to use frequently. They range in price from about €80 to €100 EUR for a 40- to 50-minute ride, but most gondoliers will negotiate with you. Just be sure to determine the price before you step aboard.

Water Taxi

Water taxis (or motoscafo) are very expensive. Short in-town trips run about €60 EUR, while a trip to the beaches of Lido will cost about €75 EUR. Because they're so expensive, we really don't suggest using many water taxis during your Venice vacation.

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