Virginia Beach Travel Tips

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Keep in Mind...

  • Keep safe at the beach Swim near a lifeguard and avoid rip currents, which are recognizable by particularly foamy and choppy waters. If the conditions are especially dangerous, lifeguards will raise a red flag to keep people out of the water.
  • Keep your cover-up handy Virginia Beach is a casual beach destination, but not that casual. You should still cover up when you step off the sand.
  • Keep it family-friendly You'll find lots of signs warning against cursing and an abundance of law enforcement patrolling the streets and boardwalk. So be on your best behavior, Virginia Beach is serious about preserving their PG image.

One-third affordable party spot for local college kids, one-third haven for families with small kids and one-third renaissance beach town, Virginia Beach is a coastal city making an attempt to lure beachcombers up from their usual Ocean City, Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach haunts to its own revitalized stretch of East Coast sand and boardwalk. And it's not doing too shabby either. Like those other towns, "VA Beach" offers scenic coastal views, enough sand and sun to keep the kids entertained and enough affordable nighttime diversion to keep unpretentious adults happy. Sure, the hotels, restaurants or attractions aren't super-luxe, but the point is that here, no one needs them to be. Come see for yourself, Virginia Beach is for those who want a relaxing good time without any hassle.

How To Save Money in Virginia Beach

  • Don't shop on the beach Souvenir stores are plentiful along the boardwalk, but you'll find the same trinkets in town for cheaper prices.
  • Visit in the early spring The shoulder season in between April and Memorial Day is a great time to visit Virginia Beach for cheap and still enjoy the waterfront.
  • Go as a group Beach house rentals and grocery shopping split among a large group means more money for you.

Virginia Beach Culture & Customs

There's plenty of parking enforcement here, so be sure to keep a close eye on your parking meter. And recent visitors say that police officiers patrolling the streets are a regular effort to keep the city a family-friendly getaway.

Last, don't be alarmed if you see or hear large aircrafts fly by. The Naval Air Station Oceana is located nearby; its planes can sometimes be loud and distracting.

Virginia Beach Dining

As a coastal city, seafood is the overwhelming theme of the food scene here, and experts say seafood buffets are scattered throughout. Virginia Beach has a lot of chain restaurants, but discerning stomachs can also find more elegant and diverse establishments, like the Shogun Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood restaurant, inland off the Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway. The boardwalk has your typical spread of restaurants, including burger joints and pizzerias.

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