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Carnival: On Shore

Carnival Cruise Lines On Shore
Radu Ursu/Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Overall Rating: 4.0stars 3.8 3.8
  • Expert Rating:3.5stars 3.4
  • Traveler Rating:3.5stars 3.7
    • Couples: 3.7
    • Families w/ young children: 3.6
    • Families w/ older children: 3.7
    • Singles/Friends: 3.7
    • Groups: 3.7
  • Health Rating:

On Shore Excursions

Carnival offers an abundance of shore excursions at each port. What's more, Carnival's Shore Excursion search allows you to select your shoreside activities using customized filters that sort by price, duration, activity level and expedition type. Typical shore excursions might include a submarine dive in Aruba, a glacier tour in Alaska or a dolphin encounter in the Caribbean. Exploring European cities, touring ancient sites and historic structures, or enjoying wine tastings and culinary adventures are just a handful of possibilities you can choose from once you step off the ship. Keep in mind the deadline for booking shore excursions online is one day prior to departure, and available excursions vary by itinerary. You may also reserve excursions once on board, but some activities may be fully booked by the time you get on the ship.

Note: Some excursions have age restrictions depending on the activity level. If you need to cancel an excursion and do so 24 hours or more before the tour is scheduled to start, you will receive a full refund posted to the credit card used for purchase. For cancellations or changes after the cut-off window, you must consult the shore excursion manager on board, you'll be subject to a 25 percent cancellation fee and any refunds will be credited on your onboard account. For more information, visit Carnival's website.

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