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    • Singles/Friends: 4.0
    • Groups: 3.0
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On Shore Excursions

With an emphasis on personalized cruising, Silversea has dedicated "Destination Consultants" to help you find shore excursions that meet your interests. Available shore excursions are broken into three categories by activity level and atmosphere: Silver Shore Collection (unique trips to survey the shore), Silver Shore Expeditions (activities designed for active explorers) and Silver Shore Excursions (guided small group tours). You'll be able to choose from a broad range of excursion types, including taking a boat ride to an orangutan sanctuary in the Borneo jungle, attending a show at the Sydney Opera House or sipping wine while vineyard-hopping in France. You can also choose to arrange private excursions on board or in advance (by calling or emailing Silversea) and for an extra $100 fee, whether you're seeking a customized tour or transportation to a secluded spot.

Travelers looking for action-packed adventures should book a cruise on one of the Silversea Expedition boats: Silver Explorer, Silver Galapagos or Silver Discoverer. Excursions from these ships are included in the cruise rate and offer cruisers the opportunity to explore the wildlife, geology and landscape of each destination with more physical activities.

Select voyages also offer pre-, mid- or post-voyage Land Adventures, which allow you to book excursions to top attractions within given destination. Land Adventure fares, which are not covered by the cost of your cruise, include accommodations, transportation transfers, sightseeing and some meals. All excursions are available to book online using the My Voyage tool 120 days prior to your cruise. Keep in mind that excursions and Land Adventures impose specific cancellation deadlines that vary by ship and itinerary; if you miss these deadlines, you'll incur a fee.

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