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How to Swap Luxury Travel Goods

Mikadun / Shutterstock

The economic downturn that gave rise to the sharing economy seems to have finally spread to the luxury market. You can now swap everything, from homes to cars to handbags, while laying out very little cash and leveraging your own assets to reap more value from your belongings.

According to travel and hospitality marketing firm MMGY Global, individuals ...

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Plan Your Escape to the Airport Lounge

cunaplus / Shutterstock

Airports are amazing places. Thousands of people pass through them every day traveling to all corners of the planet. Considering the number of restaurants, shops and services they provide, some airports even function like small cities. But like any buzzing metropolis, the crowds can feel overwhelming. A secluded airport lounge provides weary travelers a much-needed escape, but is ...

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Which Winter Getaway is Right for You?

Fedor Selivanov / Shutterstock

Winter is coming. You have a few options: You can brave the cold weather, or you can book a ticket to somewhere tropical. You could also seek out an adventure or immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of a lively city. You might have a destination in mind, or you may be searching for something completely new ...

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In-Flight Etiquette: How to Be a Better Passenger

ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock

You're on a plane. It's a crowded flight, and you're in the middle seat. The woman in the window seat is fast asleep, snoring and steadily collapsing into your space. The kid in the aisle seat wearing the big headphones is bobbing his head to music that everyone in rows eight through 13 can hear ...

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Simple Strategies to Save on Your Next Vacation

Wollertz / Shutterstock

Travel doesn't have to be expensive — if you know how to play it right. Now that you've figured out how to save on your hotel and your flight, don't forget to continue saving once the vacation is underway. Transportation, food, lodging and activities: These are all expenses that take a huge chunk out of any ...

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3 Ways to Save as a Solo Traveler

Milosz_M / Shutterstock

Who said that you have to travel with a companion to save money? In recent years, solo travel has been on the rise, especially with women. A 2014 study by Booking.com found that the increase in solo travel is largely due to travelers' ability to stay in touch with friends and family, thanks to multiple social media ...

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