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Planning the Ultimate South African Honeymoon Safari

Courtesy Katie Goldstein, Travelingpanties

According to travel experts, South Africa is one of 2014's hottest travel destinations, and it's easy to see why. It's replete with culture, untamed wilderness and extravagant accommodations thanks to a burgeoning tourism industry. While a trip to Cape Town and its surrounding wine country is likely on any traveler's bucket list ...

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Are Frequent Flier Programs a Fool's Game?

Ditty_about_summer / Shutterstock

Airline loyalty programs have long tempted their most frequent customers with upgrades, bonus points and other forms of special treatment. But the definition of a "frequent flier" for many carriers has begun to shift from one who flies lots of miles to earn rewards and elite status to one who simply opens his or her wallet the widest ...

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7 Hotel Traditions that Add Spunk to Your Stay

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In a crowded hospitality market, hotels have to offer more than just a place to stay — they need to provide one-of-a-kind experiences. To distinguish themselves from competitors, many properties embrace traditions and rituals, such as nightly tiki torch lightings or warm cookies at check-in, that bring extra character to any getaway. Many of these traditions ...

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How to Eat Like a Local While Traveling … With a Baby

Elena Stepanova / Shutterstock

Let's say you love to travel. You live for the thrill of stepping into unknown territory, meeting people from all walks of life, finding adventure around every corner and eating food you've never encountered before. Let's say you also have a baby — a curious, demanding little person who requires lots of milk and food ...

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How Global Visa Changes Impact Travelers

LuapVision / Shutterstock

The world is more accessible to travelers than it's ever been. In the past few years, countries across the globe have made strides to ease travel across borders. For its part, the United States has introduced Global Entry kiosks at participating airports, allowing approved, low-risk travelers the ability to scan their passports and their fingerprints, as well ...

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7 Destinations With Apps as Smart as Your Phone

lzf / Shutterstock

According to the Choice Hotels 2014 Summer Travel Survey released on June 24, travelers — particularly millennials and parents with children ages 12 and younger — would rather lose their luggage than their phones. Gone are the days when we went on vacation to disconnect from our daily lives; now, traveling involves sending work emails from the beach and posting ...

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