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How to Take Amazing Vacation Photos With Your Phone

6 apps and expert tips every traveler should use

antb / Shutterstock

There may be no better travel companion than your smartphone. Beyond putting useful information at your fingertips, these devices allow you to take detailed, high-quality images on the fly, often replacing bulky digital SLR cameras. While the smartphone camera's point and shoot feature makes it easy to use, choosing the right image-enhancing app can prove more difficult ...

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8 Restaurants Made Famous By the Silver Screen

Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

Occasionally, the magic of TV and film will flutter over from the sound stages to the real world, allowing fans to briefly exist in these imaginary realms. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the restaurants and bars that briefly doubled as TV or film sets. Travel to Paris to the cafe "Amélie" made famous. Head ...

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6 Travel Fees You Can Easily Avoid

hxdyl / Shutterstock

For all of the memorable and potentially life-changing experiences it can provide, travel is not cheap. The U.S. Travel Association estimates that in 2013, domestic and international travelers spent $621.4 billion on leisure vacations alone. Even if you manage to hack a deal on your flight or hotel room, there's still a surge of unforeseen ...

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How to Book Your Next Award Flight Like a Pro

conejota / Shutterstock

The difficulty in finding and booking award travel is one of the primary reasons travelers often grow disaffected with airline loyalty programs. If the miles can't be used, then what good are they? Even carriers that promise more award availability than their competitors aren't necessarily guaranteeing a worthwhile deal. Those award flights may not be for ...

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5 Convenience Items to Bring to an All-Inclusive Resort

oleandra / Shutterstock

It's easy to see why vacationers are drawn to all-inclusive resorts. After all, most people go on vacation to relax and unwind, and having all of your meals, drinks and entertainment taken care of can be seen as downright convenient.    

Think about it.

Once you arrive at your all-inclusive resort, you don't have to worry about ...

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Conquer Flash Sales and Bidding to Book Your Next Hotel Stay

How to sort through the slew of sites and apps

KieferPix / Shutterstock

In 2012, the U.S. Travel Association reported that 18 percent of leisure travelers in the U.S. used a travel website, social media platform or mobile device to plan their trip. Two years later, that number is undoubtedly even higher. While booking online or through a mobile device is certainly easy, sorting through the vast number of ...

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