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Universal Orlando vs. Walt Disney World: Should You Pick One or Both?

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With Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando mere miles from each other, it's tempting to squeeze both theme parks into one vacation. After all, each park offers something different for each member of your family: maybe the younger kids have visions of Cinderella's Castle and meet and greets with Goofy, while your teens dream of ...

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4 Things Every Clean Freak Should Know About Hotels

Plus, helpful tips to keep you sane on your next stay

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When booking a hotel stay, most travelers are more anxious about the sights to see in their chosen destination rather than the cleanliness of their accommodations. But for some, bad experiences, a lifetime of mysophobia (fear of germs) or just the idea of sleeping in a bed that was occupied by hundreds of other people can ...

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8 Caribbean Islands You Can Fly to For Less

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Dying to visit the Caribbean, but haven't yet settled on an island? Good — a little indecision never hurt, at least when it comes to travel. After all, the more flexible you can be with your destination, the more likely you are to save when it comes to airfare.

So if you're planning to join the ...

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Do You Really Need Money When You Travel Abroad?

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When you're planning a trip abroad, you need to create a list of essentials to bring with you. Seasonal clothing, toiletries and your passport will always make the cut, as will your printed itinerary, a camera and things like extra batteries and phone chargers.

But another essential travel item seems to stump those who travel ...

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5 New Brand BFFs that Benefit Travelers

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Loyalty programs are nice, but when it comes to reaping tangible benefits and not just racking up points, travelers are beginning to rely on brand partnerships to really move the bar. Years ago, such a partnership resulted in guests being able to recognize their favorite shampoo brand in hotel bathrooms, but today the most game-changing integrations ...

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When to Splurge and When to Save on a Family Vacation

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For many families, summer offers the perfect opportunity to embark on a memorable vacation. But here's the thing: Family vacations aren't always cheap. This isn't news for anyone who's ever planned a trip but what may be more revealing is exactly how much that getaway can take out of a family's ...

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