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Why River Cruising is All the Rage

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Looking to steer away from a conventional ocean cruise? Whether you're yearning for cultural immersion or slow-paced exploration in hard-to-reach ports of call, river cruising offers an intimate and leisurely alternative to a traditional ocean cruise experience. And it probably comes as no surprise that river cruising is on the rise — with increasing passenger growth rates ...

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How to Get a First-Class Seat on One of the Most Coveted Flights

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Singapore Airlines' Suites Class product, available on the Airbus A380, made headlines in 2014 after a blogger published his review of the lavish, first-class experience. Travelers have oohed and ahhed over the in-flight amenities and luxurious enclosed seat ever since, and lamented about how out of reach the experience is thanks to the high price tag ...

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Ask These 6 Questions to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

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After you've found a cheap flight online and used social media to scoop up some perks, your next method for scoring the best travel deals is to get off the computer and start asking questions. Whether you're speaking to the gate agent or the hotel concierge, there are certain questions you can pose ...

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Travel Tips for When Sickness Hits

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Emily Jablon has suffered health issues time and time again during her travels around the world. The Austin, Texas, resident who co-founded the Million Mile Secrets travel blog with her husband, has experienced an allergic reaction to fish, come down with a fever and even passed out on the street — all while traveling outside the United ...

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A Quieter Take on Travel: Introvert Reimagines Group Tours

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Does walking onto a packed tour bus send your pulse racing? Do you love nothing more than quiet time at the destinations you visit? Do you hate small talk with your fellow air travelers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be an introvert — and you'd be in the company of one-third ...

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4 Girlfriends Getaways to Book Now

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Stop counting snow days and start counting down to long weekend, or even a week or more, with just the girls. Whether you're looking for massages and manicures or culture and culinary experiences, there's a perfect girlfriends getaway for you and your group. You'll even find trips where you can run, golf, hike ...

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