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Should You Swap Your Vacation for a Staycation?

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In 2014, Google Trends reported a 10 percent increase in online searches for staycations, or getaways that are close to home, or maybe even right in your own backyard. But can a staycation really replace a vacation?

"I think staycations are a great idea," said Caroline Trefler, senior editor at Fodor's Travel. "With the cost ...

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4 Trips You Didn't Know You Could Take

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Iran. Uzbekistan. Iraq. North Korea. Despite the travel warnings issued by the State Department for all but Uzbekistan, Americans can safely travel to each of these countries. These trips may take a bit more preparation than the average vacation, but each destination holds a variety of UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient mosques and medieval palaces. With the ...

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3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Trip Abroad with Kids

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For many parents, the idea of traveling abroad with little ones sounds like a daunting task, but plenty of families are up for the challenge: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 2 million children travel internationally each year. "Introducing children to traveling at a young age helps them to grow into awesome ...

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5 Hacks for Saving on Your Disney Vacation

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Many families will trek to Orlando, Florida, this spring and summer for some Mickey magic and undoubtedly pay a hefty fee to do so. After a recent trip to the land of the mouse with my family, we engineered some creative ways to shave the cost of a Disney vacation beyond the typical money-saving travel tips (like ...

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Cruising Solo: What to Know Before You Go

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We already know cruising is popular with couples and families, but what about solo travelers? Cruising is an easy way for solo vacationers to explore the world, meet new people and leave the driving to someone else. But planning a solo voyage can take a little more work than organizing a cruise with your family ...

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The Cheapest Vacation You'll Ever Take: 10 Memorable Camping Trips

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There may be no better way to relax and recharge than a camping trip. You can disconnect from your digital devices and replace time spent browsing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with up-close wildlife encounters in the great outdoors. But before you reach for your sleeping bag, you'll want to ensure you pick a place that maximizes ...

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