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5 Tips for Planning a Budget Beach Trip in Peak Season

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Whether you've booked your vacation in advance or at the last minute, there are certain times of the year when everyone wants to be in the same place. For the warmer months that's the beach. This means prices for all services to desired waterfront destinations will be higher. But that doesn't mean savvy ...

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Beginner's Guide to Adventure Travel

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This may come as surprise but even if you've never heard the term, you've likely engaged in some form of adventure travel. That kayaking shore excursion you took on your cruise to Alaska? That counts. The cooking class you took the last time you were in Paris? Yep, that's considered adventure travel ...

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6 Ways to Travel New Zealand on a Budget

Courtesy Claire Volkman

The sweeping mountain vistas, stunning beaches, vibrant cities and hospitable locals make New Zealand a bucket list travel destination for many. But as breathtaking as it is, plenty of travelers forgo a forage into hobbitdom due to the expensive costs of getting and staying there. The sticker shock might be high, but that doesn't mean there ...

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7 Luxurious National Park Lodges

David Parsons / Getty Images

With school out and summer in full swing, many Americans will be packing up and heading to one of our great national parks. Though plenty of travelers opt to camp when touring the parks (it's the most affordable option, after all), visitors don't have to resign themselves to roughing it.

Trade in your canned ...

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When it's Worthwhile to Pay Extra Airline Fees

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Who would pay a pretty penny for extra perks on top of an already costly flight ticket? You would — assuming you want benefits like in-flight Wi-Fi and priority boarding access. Such costs, known as ancillary fees, translate to billions of dollars in annual revenue for airlines, leaving fliers questioning whether this fee-driven model ultimately creates added ...

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Why You Should Take a Kid-free Vacation

anyaberkut / Getty Images

Close your eyes and picture your ideal vacation. What do you see?

Perhaps you're on a beach somewhere with a good book and a drink in hand. The kids are playing quietly in the surf, the waves are crashing softly and the sun is beating down on the damp, white sand.

Or maybe you envision your ...

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