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How to Save Money on a Family Ski Trip

Jack Affleck / Keystone Resort

Between transportation, gear, lodging, meals and lift tickets, skiing and snowboarding can be an expensive hobby. But it also makes for a great (and healthy) family bonding experience. So how can you save some cash this winter on a family ski getaway? U.S. News rounded up some savvy ways for you to slash costs — without ...

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When it Pays to be Flexible With Your Award Travel

ValeStock / Shutterstock

Perhaps you've walked into a local neighborhood store and spotted a sign on the wall that read, "Cheap, Fast, Good — pick any two." 

This is informally known as the "Value Triangle" and it describes how customers sometimes have to compromise on one of their priorities. If you want a high-quality product or service at a low price ...

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Caribbean Food Festivals Worth the Splurge

Courtesy Jade Mountain

Move over Paris and Rome, the Caribbean is quickly becoming a gourmet dining epicenter. Beckoning to international award-winning chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert and José Andrés, the Caribbean boasts an impressive array of acclaimed resort restaurants and foodie festivals. Care to pair your umbrella-laden drink with a mouthwatering meal? Found everywhere from St. Barts to ...

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How to Book Two Trips for the Price of One

André Klaassen / Shutterstock

One of the best arguments for using miles instead of cash to book your flights is that the routing rules are so much more flexible for award travel. Many loyalty programs allow you to add connections, stopovers and open jaws to your itinerary — meaning you can combine multiple trips into a single award.

Using miles is frustrating ...

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3 Tips for Traveling Where You Don't Know the Language

Peter Bernik / Shutterstock

The Office of Travel and Tourism estimates that in 2013, more than 29 million Americans traveled overseas, primarily to countries where English isn't the first language. Although many tourists can get by with English alone, a big part of cultural immersion is being able to understand and communicate in the native tongue. You don't need ...

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How to Fly with Kids

5 items to make the ride a little smoother

Aleksei Potov / Shutterstock

Any amount of travel can be challenging with kids in tow. Like it or not, a child's list of needs is longer than an adult's, and their reaction to not having those needs met can be much more dramatic. Even driving a long distance with kids can be a total nightmare, especially if they're ...

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