The Skinny on Weight-Loss Vacations

Canyon Ranch

According to Mel Zuckerman, founder and chairman of Canyon Ranch, "Losing weight and becoming active changed my life profoundly … There is no way to exaggerate the difference that sustainable weight loss can make in an individual’s health, in how a person feels and what a person can accomplish." During the one- or two-week Weight-Loss Program offered at the resort's Life Enhancement Center, participants learn to make small changes to their daily routine that will yield a healthier lifestyle overall. Members of the program take part in a variety of group fitness activities (including hikes, yoga, Pilates and even Zumba) and dine together on specially prepared, well-balanced meals. Each participant also receives personal consultations with on-site nutritionists and fitness specialists, and is provided with a detailed post-program plan to help them follow through with weight-loss goals after the retreat is over.

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