About Things to Do Scorecards...

We score each destination's top things to do based on the opinions of real travelers, as expressed in Web user reviews and message boards, along with what professional travel writers say about these things to do. Each top thing to do receives an overall score that's based on travelers' recommendation, but most things to do will also have component scores in the following categories:

Selecting What to Include on the List

For any given destination, U.S. News' top things to do are selected based on (1) our editors' analysis of what major travel publications recommend you do and see and (2) a sampling of the opinions real travelers have expressed across the Web. So you can expect to see some usual suspects on our list (the Eiffel Tower and Louvre in Paris, for example), but you'll also find some lesser-known things to do. Some of the "must-see" things to do will be brick-and-mortar sites, but others will be can't-miss neighborhoods or even seasonal events.

About Each Score

Value. The Value Score represents travelers' sense of whether the thing to do was a good value. Any things to do that are free to enjoy automatically get a value score of 5 out of 5.

Atmosphere. The Atmosphere Score represents travelers' impression of an thing to do's vibe, aesthetics and overall effect.

Facilities. The Facilities Score represents travelers' opinion of the quality, availability and accessibility of an thing to do's restrooms, visitor centers, concession stands and other tourist conveniences. This score is not assigned for top things to do that are also neighborhoods.

Food Scene. The Food Scene Score represents travelers' opinion of the availability, variety and quality of food options in a neighborhood. This score is only assigned to top things to do that are also neighborhoods.

Overall. The overall score is calculated based on a weighting of the component scores, as follows:

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