Best Fall Getaways

Fall is typically the time when kids go back to school and we get back to work, meaning that now is actually the time to visit a few popular summer destinations, since their prices, crowds and temperatures have dropped. U.S. News Travel pulled together a list of ideal travel spots for fall.

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Why go: With the tourists long gone, the off-peak season allows for easier navigating down crooked Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate Bridge. If you're with kids, take a cable car over the city's steep hills to Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate. Read More»

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Why go: As the weather cools and the crowds thin, Paris makes for an even more tempting getaway. You'll feel as though you have the city to yourself: no long lines at the top attractions, no inflated hotel prices, and no fighting for that perfect café table. Read More»

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Why go: A trip to Chicago during the fall can be done on the cheap, with inexpensive flights and affordable rooms in abundant supply. If you're looking to test your stamina, the Chicago Marathon is held every October (just make sure to register early). Read More»

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Why go: The leaves and temps aren't the only thing falling; Vancouver's hotel rates also take a dive this season. In autumn, locals flock to Granville Island for September's International Comedy Festival and October's International Writers & Readers Festival. Read More»

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Why go: Really, when can't you go to New York? It's the city of all seasons. But if you plan your trip for autumn, you can catch the true splendor of Central Park's trees and get a head start on your holiday shopping in trendy SoHo. Read More»

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Why go: Beautiful architecture, amazing comfort food, and a distinct sense of Southern hospitality are Savannah's major draws. But you can enjoy fall's jazz and film festivals if you plan a trip for this season. This is also a great time to hunker down in a historic B&B. Read More»

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Why go: A stroll down the Freedom Trail and through Boston Common feels oh so nice with a little chill in the air. Fall weekends are perfect for leaf-peeping, so rent a car and head west along Route 2 toward Concord and Fitchburg for some colorful foliage. Read More»

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Why go: Las Vegas is America's playground every day of the year, but it is especially appealing in the fall. Temperatures are comfortable, airfare is affordable and rooms are downright cheap. You'll often be able to save even more with package deals. Read More»

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Why go: Now void of camera-toting tourists, Yellowstone is ready for you to watch its gorgeous transition from summer to fall without interruption (except by maybe a buffalo or two). However, be aware that fewer crowds can mean fewer available park amenities. Read More»

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Why Go: The Rose Garden Walk (Paseo del Rosedal) bursts with over 1,000 different rose species in full bloom. Now, Buenos Aires is just showing off. In this city's spring season (which coincides with autumn in the U.S.), you won't contend with crowds. Read More»

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Why go: Austin has a lot going for it—beautiful parks, relaxing coffeehouses, and excellent nightlife. Living up to its reputation as the "Live Music Capital of the World," you'll find the Austin City Limits Music Festival here every September. Read More»

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Why go: One word: Oktoberfest. Sixteen days full of Bavarian food, carnival rides, and beer, of course. And while you should've secured flights and accommodations months before, it's still worth a try (that is, if your liver can stand it). Read More»

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Why Go: When Jerusalem's summer heat no longer scorches, you'll find reduced hotel rates, leaving little reason not to make the pilgrimage. Autumn ushers in thinner crowds, making superb conditions for wandering through Old City's narrow alleyways and past the Western Wall. Read More»

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Why Go: Yellow and orange leaves flutter on the trees in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, while colorful chrysanthemums mark the changing seasons. And with the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Seven-Five-Three Festival, you'll have plenty to do. Read More»

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