American Airlines AAdvantage

Overall Score 3.5-stars (3.71)
No. of Daily Flights More than 2,000
Geographic Coverage 5.0-stars
Ease of Earning Free Flight 2.0-stars
Free Flight Options 5.0-stars
Additional Benefits 4.5-stars
Airline Quality 3.5-stars
About these ratings

Program Review

The American Airlines AAdvantage program benefits travelers based in eastern, central and southern American cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Dallas, who fly to destinations around the world. As an AAdvantage member, you'll earn miles for every American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection codeshare flight. And because American Airlines is a part of the extensive "oneworld" frequent flier network, you can earn miles for flights on affiliated partner carriers, which include British Airways and Qantas Airways. You can also collect miles for everyday purchases if you use any Citi AAdvantage credit card by MasterCard. Thanks to American Airlines' relationship with numerous car rental companies, hotel brands, cruise lines, restaurants and retailers, you can earn AAdvantage miles on a variety of travel expenses. For every elite qualifying mile you collect, you'll earn elite qualifying points to help you achieve elite membership status, and all the benefits that come with it. Plus, American Airlines' merger with US Airways enables AAdvantage elite status members to take advantage of perks, such as priority security screenings and same-day seat upgrades on US Airways flights.

Note: As of March 28, 2015, US Airways Dividend Miles program members' mileage credit and qualifying points for elite membership status were transfered into an AAdvantage program account on a ratio of 1-to-1.

Pros & Cons

  • Can earn miles with more than 1,000 partner companies
  • Rewards can be used for both air travel and hotel stays
  • Miles can be collected and redeemed on all AAdvantage affiliate oneworld carriers
  • Miles can only be earned for one program per trip
  • Award tickets on partnering oneworld airlines and AAdvantage-affiliated carriers expire after 12 months 
  • Can only earn miles for one seat per flight


As an AAdvantage member, you'll earn and redeem miles on American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection flights as well as US Airways flights, oneworld partners and other affiliated carriers. You may also earn miles for everyday purchases made with your Citi AAdvantage MasterCard credit card, and on hotel stays, car rentals, cruises and dining expenses with any American Airlines partner.

Can Points Expire? YES

Can Earn Points On...

  • Credit Card
  • Air Travel
  • Hotel Stays

Can Use Points On...

  • Booking Flights
  • Cabin Upgrades
  • Hotel Stays
How to Earn and Use Points»

Membership Levels

The AAdvantage program is split into two categories: basic AAdvantage membership and elite membership. Elite membership is further divided into three classes: Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum. As a result of American Airlines integrating the US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flier program into the AAdvantage program, AAdvantage elite members can take advantage of reciprocal elite benefits, including priority security check-ins, free checked bags and seat upgrades.

Note: As of March 28, 2015, US Airways Dividend Miles program members were absorbed into the AAdvantage program. Each Dividend Miles program member's elite status was determined based on combined elite-qualifying mileage credit from 2014 and combined 2015 year-to-date elite-qualifying credit.

How Membership Works»

The Fine Print

  • AAdvantage miles will expire if your account shows no activity for 18 months.
  • You can reactivate miles for a fee, but expired or partially used tickets will not be reissued.
  • There is no cap on miles you can earn as a Citi AAdvantage credit card holder.
  • Partner airlines do not necessarily offer the equivalent number of miles as American Airlines; earning rates vary by airline.
  • You can collect and redeem miles through the US Airways Dividend Miles or the AAdvantage frequent flier programs as long as you provide your membership number at the time of booking.
  • For every 500 miles flown, you will be eligible to receive a free upgrade (different upgrade rules apply to elite members).
  • You may only collect miles for one seat per flight, even if you book multiple seats on the same flight. 
  • If you change your reward reservations prior to ticketing, you will not be charged; however, if your tickets are reissued, service fees may apply.
  • AAdvantage miles do not cover taxes or fees (with the exception of waived ticket service fees, a privilege for elite members).

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