Overall Score 1.5-stars (1.44)
No. of Daily Flights Fewer than 500
Geographic Coverage 3.0-stars
Ease of Earning Free Flight 1.0-stars
Free Flight Options 1.0-stars
Additional Benefits 2.5-stars
Airline Quality N/A
About these ratings

Program Review

Spirit Airlines' FREE SPIRIT frequent flier program caters to people who travel domestically from central, eastern and southern American cities like Chicago, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Dallas-Fort Worth. FREE SPIRIT is also advantageous for travelers who visit Latin American and Caribbean destinations like Costa Rica and Jamaica. As a FREE SPIRIT member, you'll earn miles every time you fly with Spirit Airlines. You can also collect miles for everyday purchases if you hold a Spirit Airlines World MasterCard. Spirit Airlines also has a partnership with select restaurants, Choice Hotels, Hertz, Avis and Budget, which allows you to earn miles for dining, hotel stays and car rentals.

Pros & Cons

  • Mileage credit can be earned up to 30 days after flying with Spirit
  • Members can take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers
  • Numerous ways to earn mileage credit and achieve elite status
  • Miles expire after three months of account inactivity
  • Miles are non-transferable
  • Miles earned with the Spirit Airlines World MasterCard can take up to eight weeks to process


As a FREE SPIRIT member, you'll earn miles every time you fly with Spirit Airlines. You can also accumulate miles when you use your Spirit World MasterCard credit card to make everyday purchases. FREE SPIRIT also rewards you for staying at Choice Hotels, renting cars from partner companies Hertz, Budget and Avis, and dining at partner restaurants, clubs and bars.

Can Points Expire? YES

Can Earn Points On...

  • Credit Card
  • Air Travel
  • Hotel Stays

Can Use Points On...

  • Booking Flights
How to Earn and Use Points»

Membership Levels

The FREE SPIRIT program is split into three categories: Somebody, Elite and VIP. You may also become part of Spirit's $9 Fare Club, which offers advantages such as reduced flight fares and discounted baggage fees. 

How Membership Works»

The Fine Print

  • There is no age requirement to participate in the program.
  • If you hold a Spirit Airlines World MasterCard, you can redeem reward travel after accumulating 2,500 FREE SPIRIT miles.
  • Miles can only be applied to Spirit flights.
  • In order to use miles, you must book your flight through Spirit's website or the FREE SPIRIT call center.
  • Reward reservations made through Spirit's call center are subject to a $25 booking fee.
  • Miles do not cover taxes and fees.
  • If you cancel or modify your reward travel reservations, you will be charged $110 to reclaim your miles; you may not modify or cancel your travel reservations within 24 hours of your departure time.
  • If you do not use your Spirit World MasterCard credit card at least once per month, your miles can expire.
  • Non-cardholders' miles will expire after three months of account inactivity.
  • If you are not a Spirit World MasterCard cardholder, you must have a minimum balance of 10,000 miles to put miles toward future flight costs.

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