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Getting Around Agra

The best way to get around Agra is by auto-rickshaw. They can navigate the city streets at a startling pace and are reasonably priced. Air-conditioned taxis can be more expensive than auto-rickshaws, but considering the very low conversion rate, you can probably get away with taking a taxi or two here or there. Walking between top attractions just isn't possible due to the distance.

Most travelers fly into Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and then hop a train to Agra. Multiple trains pass through the Agra Cantt train station from the New Delhi train station daily. It's best to inquire about tickets from your hotel before your trip or to book online in advance. You can do this by visiting or IRCTC is a part of Indian Railways that handles online booking for train tickets. To book via IRCTC, you'll have to register on the site to be able to purchase your tickets. Travelers say the registration is a hassle, as you have to input information that appears to only apply to Indian residents (such as an Indian phone number and postal code). Visitors advise inputting your information regardless because once you select your nationality, you will be prompted to contact an email address that will help you complete your verification. Once you've completed this step, a representative will get back to you and then you'll be able to complete registration and purchase tickets.

To complete a purchase from Cleartrip, you must have an IRCTC username. You can also go to the New Delhi train station to purchase tickets at the international tourism offices located inside, but with the high volume of people that use Indian Railways daily (23 million), you could be shut out. The length of journeys depends on the train, though if you're able, spring for the Gatimaan Express. This is currently India's fastest train, getting passengers from New Delhi to Agra in less than two hours. 

Auto-Rickshaw If you don't know what an "auto-rickshaw" is, envision a covered, motorized bench with a scooter pulling it. Less expensive than taxis, faster than walking, and very adventurous, auto-rickshaws are the best means of transportation in Agra. Prices for a single ride or a full day of service are very fluid and negotiable. Be sure to talk to hotel staff about a fair price and agree on a fare with a driver before taking off. An auto-rickshaw ride from the Agra Cantt station to the Taj Mahal is usually around 130 rupees (a little more than $2).
Taxi Taxis are very convenient and can be flagged down in the street or picked up at train stations (there's a taxi booth outside of the Agra Cantt station). If you're staying at a hotel, have the concierge order one for you. Like auto-rickshaws, taxi fares are negotiated before you get into the vehicle. Should you be doing a lot of touring, hire a car and driver for a half or full day. Just approach a taxi driver with a flat rate to begin negotiations. Prices are determined based on numerous factors: your appearance (if you look wealthy, they'll charge you more), your destination, your departure point, the trip's length, the time of day, even the temperature outside (they'll squeeze you dry if it's hot out). It's worth asking for approximate pricing from your hotel staff.
On Foot Walking through central Agra is the ideal way to experience the hustle and bustle of the city. That said, getting lost is a likely possibility as the signage can be very confusing for foreigners. Also, in the heat, this mode of transportation can take an exhausting turn.

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