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A trip to any coastal destination wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beach. In the case of the Amalfi Coast, your vacation wouldn't be complete without visiting multiple beaches. One of the things that makes this region so unique is the sheer amount of beaches found here (100, to be exact). Due to the topography of the Amalfi Coast, long, sandy beaches are nonexistent. Instead, travelers will be greeted with beaches consisting of pebbles or just a rocky platform over the water.

Positano's Marina Grande Beach is a great place to start since it's located smack dab in the middle of the town, with Positano's famous colorful, cliffside buildings towering over both sides of the shore. The beach is also one of Amalfi's biggest, measuring nearly 985 feet in length. Another popular spot for tourists is Arienzo Beach, also located in Positano. Arienzo is much smaller than Marina Grande and more secluded. Situated between two cliffs, travelers must descend a 300-step stairway to reach the beach. Though some admitted it was a bit of a trek, many travelers liked this beach because it was the opposite of Marina Grande; more peaceful and less crowded. If you're looking for something a little bigger, but still want a sense of seclusion, travelers say Fornilla Beach is your best option.

Praiano, which is located between Amalfi and Positano, is another hot spot. Praiano is home to the Fiordo di Furore, as well as Marina di Praia. Here, travelers are treated to a number of coastal pathways perfect for hiking, as well as a bevy of dining options. In the town of Amalfi, you can find one of the coast's largest and most popular beaches, the Marina Grande (different from Positano's Marina Grande). During the summer months, plan to arrive in the morning because you likely won't be able to secure a spot in the afternoon. For something just a hair less crazy, hit up Atrani Beach, located less than a half-mile east of Marina Grande. Atrani is the smallest town in Italy, but its beach is pretty sizeable, housing rows of lounge chairs and umbrellas during peak season. 

The best way to reach the beaches is by car, though Sita buses drop off at some of the destinations, including Amalfi and Positano. Aside from the cost of getting there, expect to pay a fee to access some parts of the beaches (there are free sections in Amalfi's beaches, but they are usually small). Prices vary by beach but the average coast of an umbrella and lounge chair is 10 euros (about $11.20). For more information about the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, visit the Positano Tourism Board's website

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#1 Positano

If you only have time to visit one town in the Amalfi Coast, it should be Positano. Positano is everything you'd dream the Amalfi Coast to be; lush cascading cliffs stacked with colorful Mediterranean architecture, luxury yachts and speed boats docked on turquoise waters, and narrow streets and ornate stairways lined with boutiques and trattorias. And of all the towns on the coast, Positano caters to visitors the most, offering up the most hotels of any destination in the region. What's more, Sita buses and ferries stop directly in Positano and many Amalfi Coast boat tours depart from here. 

Positano also boasts some of the Amalfi Coast's most beloved beaches. Marina Grande Beach is the most famous and most central, sitting at the base of the colorful seaside town. There's also the Fornillo Beach, another traveler favorite, located less than a half-mile east of Marina Grande Beach. Fornillo Beach can be accessed directly from Marina Grande via the cliffside Sentiero degli Innamorati pathway, an attraction in its own right. For a truly secluded shoreline, check out Arienzo Beach, which is situated between two cliffs and is accessible via a 300-step stairway. 

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