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At the southern tip of Glacier National Park in Southern Patagonia sits one of the region's most magnificent glaciers, Perito Moreno. Unlike 95 percent of Earth's glaciers that are gradually disappearing, Perito Moreno continues to grow. Every year, thousands of visitors come to marvel at Perito Moreno's towering crystal mass. 

Recent visitors suggest mini-trekking (a type of hiking excursion) along Perito Moreno's southern border. "Mini-trekking on the glacier ice was an unforgettable experience. The viewpoints and trails that have been set up just to see the glacier are excellent," raves one TripAdvisor user.

El Calafate, a small city adjacent to Perito Moreno, boasts numerous daily excursions during high season. Travelers recommend Hielo & Aventura, a reputable mini-trekking service that departs daily from El Calafate around 8 a.m. and returns around 7 p.m. The mini-trekking excursion costs 460 ARS (roughly $106 USD) per person. You can also rent a car or hop on a bus from El Calafate to the park via Route No. 40. We advise visiting during October, March, or April, when you'll combat fewer crowds and hear the faint crackle of rupturing ice. For more information on how to access Perito Moreno, consult the Glacier National Park website.

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#1 Argentine Lake District

Stretching across northwestern tip of Argentine Patagonia sits the picturesque Lake District. Sandwiched between the Andes mountains with Chilean Patagonia to the west and Atlantic Patagonia to the east, the Lake District contains breathtaking vistas from nearly every angle. San Carlos de Bariloche, known simply as Bariloche, serves as the region's major hub. Towering over the immense Nahuel Huapi Lake and the surrounding national park, Bariloche provides a tranquil setting for lounging outdoors, savoring local cuisine, and admiring the picturesque scenery. But Bariloche boasts more than natural beauty. Venture into Bustillo, the heart of the city, and you'll discover European architecture infused with local hardwood accents, which create a lofty urban setting. During July and August, you'll find idyllic skiing conditions, and, in January, you'll relish prime hiking and river rafting weather. We suggest visiting during November or March, when you can soak up the fresh air, marvel at postcard-perfect views of the Andes, and relax at a tucked away mountain retreat without heavy crowds.

From Bariloche, it's easy to travel to Cerro Catedral's luxurious ski retreat. It's also worth checking out Villa La Angostura (a lakeside village 50 miles north of Bariloche) and San Martín de los Andes (a scenic town 112 miles north of Bariloche). Both feature local craft markets and panoramic views.

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