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Boulder Creek Path

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Ask any Boulder resident for a hiking recommendation and they'll probably point you to the Boulder Creek Path. This 5½-mile-long trail  completely undisturbed by automobile traffic  traces Boulder Creek from Boulder Canyon eastward through downtown to the Stazio Ballfields on the eastern fringes of town. On any given day, you'll come across walkers, bikers, rollerbladers and even the occasional kayaker. Compared to other hiking trails in the area, Boulder Creek Path is fairly easy, and if you head from east to west, the second half of your walk will be all downhill.

Many hikers who recently followed the Boulder Creek Path described their experience positively: Travelers said they enjoyed the natural surroundings and marveled at all the different ways that Boulderites take advantage of the path, from dogwalking to yoga. However, some visitors note that parts of the trail have become respites for members of the city's homeless community.

The Boulder Creek Path is used by outdoorsy types seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information, visit its page on the City of Boulder website.

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#1 The Flatirons

These jaw-dropping rock walls flanking Green Mountain have become the symbol of the city, with many Boulder businesses sporting their image as a logo. Flatirons One through Five are the most prominent, but there are also several smaller formations  with more creative names  to explore. Altogether, these picturesque slopes are the most popular rock climbing areas around (you can even see markings left by some of the first climbers, dating back to the 1940s, on Number Three). But for those of you who aren't quite comfortable entrusting your life to a harness, you can still take in the Flatirons from one of the area's hiking trails – recent visitors said there's a trail for every age and skill level. For information about Flatiron trails, visit the City of Boulder website.

Previous visitors say that no trip to Boulder would be complete without spending time admiring the rocks. But if you plan on hiking, travelers recommend coming prepared: The trails can be steep in places, not to mention slippery. And don't forget your camera – reviewers said you'll want to capture the stunning views.

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