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Getting Around Bruges

The best way to get around Bruges is on foot. The city is small -- in fact, you can walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes. Biking is the second best way to get around. There's also a small bus system, but it's most useful in getting from the train station to the city center rather than for exploring the city. Cars are really not recommended since Bruges' streets are narrow and webbed with canals. You can also get taxis, but you'll have to reserve them in advance rather than hail them from the street. The closest major airport is Brussels International (BRU), so most visitors take the train into Bruges. The train station is located just southeast of the city center, about a 12-minute walk from Minnewater Lake. 

On foot

This medieval city is so small that traversing it on foot is the best way to get around. Tourism Bruges offers a handful of walking tour itineraries to help you pack the most sightseeing into your meandering. But please wear some sensible shoes, since the cobblestone streets can be tough on your feet. 


Bikes are another great option for getting around. Bruges is very amenable to cyclists with numerous rental shops and designated bike lanes. But watch out for oblivious pedestrians who might unknowingly step in front of your bike.


De Lijn operates bus services throughout the city and its outskirts. Many tourists use the bus to get from the Bruges train station to the center of town, but since city is so small, you really don't need a bus to maneuver around it. One-way tickets usually cost less than €2 EUR or about $3 USD.


A car is really not recommended for a few reasons: First, Bruges has medieval streets that are narrow and made of cobblestones -- not the best driving terrain. And two, parking is very scarce. Parking rules are also strictly enforced, so you could very well walk away with a costly ticket. If you're driving into the city, you can park your vehicle in a few places: a hotel lot, a handful of underground parking garages or a free parking zone, several of which are located outside of Bruges. 


You can't hail taxis from the street, so if you want to hitch a ride from your hotel or restaurant, you'll need to call (the numbers are 050 33 44 44 or 050 38 46 60). The only other option is to wait in line for a taxi at the train station on Stationsplein or at Markt. 

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