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The Blue Grotto (or Grotta Azzurra) is the most famous site on Capri, and it's easy to see why. The grotto is a natural sea cave with a small entrance, and it is illuminated in a blue and silver hue thanks to sunlight filtering through small openings under the cavern's mouth. It's best to see this site while on a boat tour around the island. Once you enter the cavern in your small rowboat and witness the pure blue light emanating off the water and walls in the dark cave, you'll see why many recent reviewers described the attraction as "magical" and "unbelievable."  

If you take a boat tour from third-party companies like Capri Island Tour or Blue Sea Capri, you also have the option to pass a number of other natural rock formations that are beautiful in their own right (or you could choose to skip the crowds and forgo the Blue Grotto). These include the smaller, warmer and more exposed Green Grotto on the south side of the island and the famous Faraglioni.

A stunning natural rock formation that juts dramatically out of the sea, the Faraglioni is among the most picturesque sites on Capri. The three spurs of rock sit just off the island's southern coast, and they can be viewed from multiple spots, including the Gardens of Augustus, Mount Solaro and Punta Tragara. Recent reviewers raved about their experiences viewing these landmarks, with many enjoying the fact that boats can travel right under the massive rocks.

If you'd prefer to walk or take a bus directly to the Blue Grotto, you can either walk down the Via Grotta Azurra from Anacapri or take a public bus from the center of town. From there, you walk down a set of stairs and get in the line for the rowboats. If you visit in the summer, note that the wait to get inside the cave can be long (an hour or more). In addition, the tides or rough sea can close the grotto for the day at any time. When you enter, you'll likely have to lay down in your rowboat due to the entrance being very small, so make sure you are comfortable on a boat before you pay to see the cave. Rides inside the grotto typically last five minutes, and the best time of day to visit is between noon and 2 p.m. when the lighting inside the cave is the brightest.

The entrance fee to the grotto is 14 euros (about $15.75) per person, but rowboat and tour operators usually expect tips for their singing and rowing services. Visitors are not allowed to swim inside the Blue Grotto, as it is illegal and dangerous; however, you can swim in the Green Grotto if you take a boat tour around the island. The grotto is open during the winter months if the weather is mild, but the attraction often closes between November and March if the seas are rough. When the cavern is open, its hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During the summer, there is a small concession stand near the queue to enter the grotto.

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#1 Mount Solaro

The tallest mountain on Capri is also a top attraction on the island. From the top, you can see most of Capri's major towns and points of interest; however, you can also see the Bay of Naples and the distant Amalfi Coast. Past reviewers said a trip up to the top does not disappoint, with some calling it the experience of a lifetime. Plus, a chairlift from Anacapri will take you from the town to the summit in only 12 minutes. In your rides up and down, you'll pass quaint farms, local vegetation and pristine neighborhoods. If you'd prefer the challenge of climbing the mountain yourself, you can take the trail from Anacapri, which takes between an hour and 90 minutes.

The chairlift to the top is open year round, and a ticket costs 11 euros (around $12.35), or 8 euros (about $9) if you want to walk down. Between March and October, the lift is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you visit between November and February, you can ride up between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. To access this attraction, just take the bus to Anacapri. There are restrooms and small eateries at the top of Mount Solaro, but there are also plenty of facilities at the base.

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