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Best Times to Visit Curacao

The best time to visit Curaçao is from May to November, during the off-peak season. During these months, you'll find the lowest airfares and hotel rates, with rooms often priced up to 50 percent lower than they are in the high season (especially during summer). Plus, you won't be vying for beach chairs with throngs of other vacationers. What's more, Curaçao doesn't suffer the wrath of hurricane season. Curaçao's weather tends to be sunny even throughout the months that other Caribbean islands experience torrential rains. Only 12 degrees north of the equator, Curaçao's average temperature rests in the mid-80s all year. Most vacationers head to Curaçao between December and April, causing hotel rates and airfare to skyrocket. If you've come to dive or snorkel, you'll enjoy good visibility throughout the year. Because the island is located outside the hurricane belt, its marine life is unaffected by seasonal changes.

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Hurricanes tend to bypass Curaçao, so you won't get blown away if you visit between May and November (unlike some less fortunate Caribbean isles). Showers tend to occur at night, but that won't hinder you from soaking up some rays during the day. Traveling in the offseason means you'll find steeply discounted hotel rates and airfares.

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Cold temperatures and holiday breaks drive vacationers from northern climates down to the Caribbean, leading to inflated hotel rates and airfare, as well as crowded restaurants and beaches. However, the island's 80-degree temperatures and events calendar may convince you that a winter trip is worth the price. Curaçao celebrates a frenzied version of Carnival from early January until the end of February. Keep in mind: These months see the most rainfall of the entire year, but daily showers are usually brief.

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