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The capital of Nova Scotia is any historian's dream: This harbor town has been a British stronghold and a pirate haven. The city was also the starting point for more than a million immigrants' new lives and the final resting place for hundreds who died at sea as the "unsinkable" Titanic drowned in the icy Atlantic. And with so many of Halifax's top attractions devoted to the preservation of its rich history, you might think that this city is stuck in the past. But you'd be wrong.

Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John, New Brunswick may not give the best first impression: The city's skyline is dominated by shipping terminals and oil tanks, while decades of industrialization have left behind a somewhat gritty appearance. But don't be too quick to dismiss New Brunswick's second-largest city. Beyond the factories lies a vibrant downtown area where remnants of the past enhance the scenery. History lives on in the heart of Saint John at sites like the Saint John City Market, which was built in the late 19th century to accommodate all of the city's markets in one central location. You'll also find an array of Irish pubs that pay tribute to the many Irish immigrants who made their home here in the mid-1800s.