Bonaire and Curacao Travel Guides

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On Bonaire, the main attractions lie beneath the water's surface. In other words, don't plan a trip to this island unless you want to get friendly with some of Bonaire's magnificent sea dwellers. The oft-overlooked sister island to Aruba and Curaçao, Bonaire is more famous for its impressive diving than its air of exclusivity. To travel to this "diver's paradise" (as the island's license plates boast) without exploring underwater treasures would be a regrettable misstep.


The "C" in the ABC islands, Curaçao features historic settlements, rugged landscapes and plenty of fun in the sun. (Aruba and Bonaire are the other islands constituting the westernmost islands of the Leeward Antilles). Curaçao's main port city, Willemstad, is what an Old World European city would look like if someone dropped it in the Caribbean. The brightly painted Dutch colonial buildings reflect pinks, yellows and blues into the cerulean St. Anna Bay. Once you leave the city, the landscape shifts to a desert scene, with spiny aloe and mesquite sprouting from atop weathered limestone cliffs.