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Ever wanted a gorgeous seaside fortress of your own? Picture it: Huge stone walls keeping the lapping sea at bay, while you dine in the safety of your Baroque palace. You can come close to this fantasy with a visit to Dubrovnik, which is straight out of a dream, or if you are a "Game of Thrones" fan, right out of the wildly popular TV series. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Dubrovnik is surrounded by gorgeous medieval ramparts that have been preserved in their original form and are one of the city's main attractions.


Croatia's second-largest city has some first-class charms. First, Split (pronounced like it's spelled) is located on the glittering Adriatic Sea in central Dalmatia. Its rolling terrain slopes down to pebbly beaches and turquoise waters, which look out onto neighboring islands like trendy Hvar. Second, it's played host to an incredible amount of history: think Roman emperor Diocletian, who started building his palace here in A.D. 295. But in spite of its historical cachet, Split isn't stuck in the past. For instance, these days its labyrinthine medieval palace contains buzzy bars, happening restaurants and fashionable shops. What's more, the sun is nearly always shining in Split, and it's still relatively cheap to visit – so the question is, what's keeping you from going?

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