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First, let's get a few things out on the table. Yes, Reykjavik is in Iceland, which is, in fact, an icy island about half the year. And, yes, Iceland was the culprit in 2010's volcanic eruption fiasco. But, what you might not know is that in the cold, long winter, Icelanders warm up in this capital's geothermal spas; and away from the city lights, they can drink in the beauty of the aurora borealis. In the summer, the weather is divine and the days are long – some days see 20 hours of sunlight. And volcanoes, like the notorious Eyjafjallajökull, are just one part of Iceland's dramatic and ethereal landscape. There are also gushing waterfalls, awe-inspiring geysers, expansive glaciers and wide-open spaces filled with Icelandic horses and sheep. Plus, Reykjavik boasts a raging nightlife scene and a surprisingly good handful of museums and local shops.