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Best Times to Visit Flagstaff

The best time to visit Flagstaff is between September and November when the summer crowds have dispersed, the trees are alight with color and the weather is crisp and clear. The three months between December and February are popular among winter sports enthusiasts, but Flagstaff typically has very snowy winters, which can make travel difficult. In March, April and May, the city starts to thaw, but this time of year is also known for having high winds. June, July and August are high travel season when visitors descend on Flagstaff to take advantage of the beautiful 80-degree weather. 

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Fall is a beautiful season in Flagstaff – with leaves changing color and temperatures starting their annual descent from the 70s in September down to the 50s in November. Average nightly hotel rates also drop from $150 (their summer peak) to about $120. There are cheaper times to visit Flagstaff (December to February), but travelers who visit during this time of year can experience the best things to do and all of the city's natural beauty without the crowds characteristic of summer's high season.

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Winter is popular among skiers and snowboarders who congregate at the Arizona Snowbowl to conquer the slopes. Flagstaff has been known to see more than 100 inches of snow, so travelers should be prepared for icy conditions. Temperatures this time of year fluctuate between average lows in the teens to average highs in the mid-40s. And lodging prices are at their lowest too, with average nightly hotel rates costing less than $100 in January.

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Although Flagstaff almost always experiences winds due to its elevation, springtime is characterized by especially high gusts. Snowfall isn't out of the question either. And temperatures are erratic this time of year too, with average lows in the mid-20s in March rising to average highs in the mid-60s in May. Hotel rates also start rising this time of year, with May showing especially high prices (as much as $150 a night).

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The crowds of college students have dissipated, leaving the city to locals – and hordes of summertime vacationers. Residents from nearby cities like Phoenix flock to Flagstaff this time of year to get a breather from their triple-digit climate. But because of the great influx of visitors, hotel rates tend to be highest this time of year too. Summer temps usually top out in the low 80s in August, but the city can experience 30-degree drops in temperature, so visitors should bring layers.

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