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Getting Around Glasgow

The best way to get around Glasgow is by foot. Many of the best things to do are located in the city center, and the grid layout makes it very easy to navigate. But several attractions are on the outskirts, necessitating the use of the public transportation system or a car. Black taxis are also available, and you can hail these on the streets or find them in taxi ranks (or lines) throughout the city center. If you took a plane into Glasgow International Airport (GLA), you can take a train, bus, taxi or rental car the 10 miles into the city center.

By Foot

If you plan on staying in the city center, getting around on foot is your best bet. Its grid lay-out makes getting lost virtually impossible, and many of the best attractions are also congregated here.


The First Group buses serve the central city of Glasgow, as well as Greater Glasgow, from Loch Lomond to the northwest and Lanark to the southeast. Bus tickets can be purchased in numerous quantities: a Single Fare, a FirstDay Plus ticket for a day of unlimited travel and a FirstWeek ticket for seven days of unlimited travel. Fares start at about a pound and are allotted by distance traveled (a zone system).


The Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is Glasgow's efficient bus, ferry and subway system. The subway, called the Clockwork Orange, runs two circular routes -- one running clockwise and the other running counter-clockwise -- over the River Clyde. Tickets can be purchased at the subway stations; a single, one-way ticket costs a little more than a pound.


Because some of Glasgow's attractions are located on the outskirts, you might want a car for your stay. (Buses and subway trains can also take you to the outer-lying attractions). Rent them at GLA Airport, or find several agencies in the city. Keep in mind that Glaswegians drive on the left and that "permit parking" signs mean permit parking only. If you park in one of these areas, your car could be towed.


The U.K.'s telltale black cabs can also be found in Glasgow. Hail one on the street, or find them in taxi ranks throughout the city. Your taxi ride shouldn't surpass about £15 GBP, but keep in mind that an additional surcharge will be added if you ride late at night or early in the morning.

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