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The Belmont Estate stands as just one of Grenada's many popular spice tours for those interested in learning about the island nation's rich flavors. This 300-year-old plantation specializes in such spices as ginger, pimento, turmeric and nutmeg. While visiting the estate, you can see how these spices are processed, and wander through the 400-acre property's gardens, museum and goat milk farm. And when the savory aromas start to make your tummy rumble, you can grab a bite to eat at the Belmont Estate restaurant.

Still, the Belmont Estate's history isn't all sugar, spice and everything nice. The plantation also holds a somber history of chattel slavery. Up until 1834 (the year enslaved people were emancipated in Grenada), hundreds of men, women and children were held on the estate to harvest sugar, which was the plantation's primary crop at the time. Many lived much of their lives at Belmont; some were born and others died as slaves. During the emancipation, almost 200 enslaved people were freed from the property. Consider this context when touring the estate to honor the lives of those who were enslaved.

While in Grenada, you can also take a factory tour of the Grenada Chocolate Company. This modest cocoa processing center churns out organic chocolate bars that are sold all over the world. While touring the factory, you'll see how this delectable treat is made, from the cracking of cocoa pods to the pouring and molding of creamy chocolate. Recent visitors praised the factory's free samples and suggest buying sweets from the gift shop.

You'll find the Belmont Estate and the Grenada Chocolate Company on the northeast side of Grenada Island, about an hour's drive from St. George's. Recent visitors noted that the site can be hard to find, so make sure you're armed with directions before you set out. Many reviewers reported visiting with a local tour group for the added convenience of organized transportation. The Belmont Estate is open every day except Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., while the Grenada Chocolate Company is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and Sundays (closed Saturdays). For additional information, including admission ticket prices, visit Belmont Estate's website and the Grenada Chocolate Company's website.

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