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Best Times to Visit Guadalajara

The best time to visit Guadalajara is between the months of October and December when the weather is dry, temperatures skim the lower 80s and festivals fill the calendar. The five months that span January and May are another great time to visit the city, thanks to decreased hotel prices. June through September is considered Guadalajara's low season since the city experiences heavy rainfall and high temperatures during this period.

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This time of year is characterized by dry, 80-degree days that are perfect for leisurely touring Guadalajara's city center on foot. The lead-up to Christmas also brings extra festivals and celebrations, but all of the excitement also seems to lead to higher hotel rates than at other times of the year.

Key Events:

  • Dia de la Virgen de Zapopan (October)
  • Fiestas de Octubre (October)
  • Guadalajara International Book Fair (November)
  • Revolution Day (November)
  • Virgin of Guadalupe's Feast Day (December) 


The months between January and May are another prime time to visit Guadalajara, though you should keep in mind that average lows this time of year hover in the 40s and 50s. You'll need some layers, as the nights are much cooler than the days. Hotel prices tend to dip this time of year, too.

Key Events:

  • Dia de los Reyes (January)


June signals the start of Guadalajara's rainy season, which tends to last through September. But if wet and warm days don't deter you, you can also find a break on hotel prices this time of year.

Key Events:

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