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Best Times to Visit Hamburg

The best time to visit Hamburg is the months between May and September when warm weather sweeps through the city. This also means that room rates are high, flights are packed and swells of tourists pour in. For fewer crowds and potentially lower hotel prices (room rates remain pretty steady year-round), visit in the fall. The weather will be brisk with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but the benefits might be worth the chill.

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The months between May and September make up peak season in Hamburg. Average high temperatures are ideal -- barely creeping above 70 degrees Fahrenheit -- but the chance of rain showers is a bit higher in the summertime too. If you visit this time of year, book your hotel at least two or three months before you travel.

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January and February see freezing weather, literally: Temperatures range in the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit. The thermometer reads higher temps in March and April, but the weather remains winter-jacket worthy. Tourism is at its all-time low, and hoteliers might cut you a break on rates. We say might because wintertime still hosts lots of convention-goers and business trips.

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October- December

Fall might be a good time to visit, though you’ll need to pack warm weather gear since average temperatures range from 30 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. But the chilly weather also means fewer camera-snapping tourists to contend with. The one exception is Christmas, when visitors from all over travel to Hamburg for its charming Christmas Markets.

Key Events:

  • Hamburg Dom (November-December)
  • Christmas Markets (December)

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