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Guest Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Sun soaking and relaxing on Bonaire

Jun 21st, 2019

Newest resort on the island so the place is in good shape. We had a one bedroom apartment in building A. Great location right near the beach. Air conditioner in the bedroom, ceiling fan in living room. Kitchen is well equipped with practically everything one (or at least couples) might need during a holiday. Beds are comfortable, bathroom small but that’s fine for us. Units get cleaned every day (except Sundays). Beds are made and floor swept. Clean towels everyday if you want. Staff kept forgetting to replace the small guest towels though and no new shampoo/conditioner. No trouble to ask at reception of course but it would’ve been nice if supplied. Bothering slightly is the 8am start of the cleaning staff that likes to chat away loudly. They also ‘hung around’ our building or so it seemed. Beach towels are against a $25 deposit and can be changed at reception whenever you want. WiFi in our unit was next to perfect. Not fast enough to stream your Netflix probably but you’re on holiday ;) Staff at reception and bar is friendly. Prices at the bar are somewhat steep. Expect to pay around 30% more than at other places. Food is impeccable of course. It’s a choice: either you’re into food and are willing to spend money to enjoy good food or you like to try different restaurants and maybe eat for less. No one forces you to stay on the resort. Pool was very nice, but greasy because of sunscreen....could also do with a bit more shade. Maybe add some extra parasols. Would certainly recommend to stay at Delphins! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3

A Mixed Bag

Jun 7th, 2019

Our stay at an oceanfront studio in the Delfins Beach Resort was a mixed bag. Starting off on a positive note, we enjoyed our stay at the Delfins Resort and would stay there again if ever visiting Bonaire, partly because there is not much competition. The grounds and pool are beautiful and that alone is a reason to stay there. Having said that, we experienced several failures that are worth noting. First and most importantly, housekeeping was an abject failure. On arrival, we found crumbs and/or dirt next to the bed, under the bed, on the bed, under the cabinet and between the slats on balcony furniture. We decided to make the best of it and started cleaning them up, but after finding more and more, we finally called the front desk to have them take care of it. Greetje came with a housecleaner who began cleaning. Greetje offered us drinks at the bar. We do not drink so we politely declined. She then offered food. We instead informed her that we had a long day and we just wanted to relax and think about our options overnight. After she left, we noticed more problems. The walls were scuffed up pretty badly. Not a big deal, but not something we expected in a brand new resort. The kitchen counter was badly stained. There were stains on the curtains. A glass and a coffee cup were very dirty. We easily cleaned them, so it was obvious they had not even been wiped. There was hair in the brush for cleaning dishes, so we used our hands and some detergent. The glass around the balcony railing was very dirty, apparently it hadn’t been washed in a while. After calling and visiting several resorts, we decided to stay since we could not find anything better in that price range. The next day we went to use the freezer, and there was an open plastic package of food. Not a big deal, but once again it illustrates that housekeeping is not doing much cleaning. We called the front desk to have them take care of the leftover food, since we didn’t want it on our garbage can, where it would melt and possibly smell. Greetje had the day off so we could not speak to her. Later that day, we noticed two pieces of broken glass outside the window next to our entry door. We were so frustrated at this point, we just left it there. After a few days, the glass had been pushed closer to the wall, but not noticed or cleaned by housekeeping. I crossed paths with Greetje after a few days, who I had not heard from since the first afternoon, and told her we decided to stay and informed her about the glass. She said, “I have a 1BR apartment I can switch you into.” We declined because it was on the bottom floor and I told her it was a housekeeping issue, other than that the studio was fine. I found it odd that she didn’t follow through after the first night and only mentioned a possible upgrade when I coincidentally crossed paths with her. She mentioned talking to management to see if there was anything else she could do, but ultimately, she was ineffectual and had no follow through. I wish I had taken her up on her offer for food the first night, which leads to … The restaurant was very disappointing for us personally. I understand that it’s going for the high end, Michelin starred, gourmet, foodie experience. I guess in that regard it succeeds. However, if you’re staying for a week, don’t have money growing out of your ears and don’t enjoy pretense, it just doesn’t work well at all. $17 for a few mouthfuls of food leaves a lot to be desired. I have posted a picture of the deconstructed apple pie. It tasted very good, but for $17, I would never order it again. The silver lining was that we enjoyed many laughs joking about the lack of value. After the first night, we always went elsewhere to eat, which was inconvenient to say the least. We also experienced screaming children several times, which one night put a damper on what would have been a very memorable sunset. Another night, all hell broke loose with people yelling and apparently arguing. My wife thought it was housekeepers, I thought it was a very loud wedding rehearsal group. One thing that also has to be mentioned is the poor design of the bathroom shower. Somebody in their infinite wisdom decided that it would be a good idea to have the shower pointing directly toward the toilet, with no barrier in between. I defy you to use the shower without getting water literally everywhere on the bathroom floor. Very annoying. We ended up showering together and turning the water off while we soaped up to try to minimize water on the floor, unsuccessfully. After every shower, we’d have to literally use three or four towels to clean up the mess. Showering turned out to be something to dread, rather than something to look forward to. Another problem with the shower was the location of the shower head. It was too close to the wall and would not easily fit into its holder. As a result, the connection between shower head and hose is cracking and will fail sooner or later. One last thing … we paid $60 extra for a 2 o’clock checkout. So at one o’clock while we were showering together, a housekeeper knocks on the door. We quickly yelled that we were in there and not to come in, but she opened the door and came in anyway. Thank you for that housekeeper, way to kill the mood, LOL. All in all, the pros outweighed the cons. The loud guests/housekeepers/children were the exception to what was otherwise a very chilled ambiance. The pool and grounds are lovely and caused us to overlook a lot of the problems. We overcame the housekeeping failures because we are low maintenance and are used to camping. However, I think that someone who enjoys the pretense of the restaurant would have a hissy fit when encountering what we did in the room. Another disappointing thing was that they didn’t seem overly concerned. Greetje was nice and did offer drinks and food the first night, and a room upgrade a few days later when our paths accidentally crossed, but other than that, there was zero follow through. No one ever initiated contact with us to see how we were doing after our complaints? We did enjoy our stay in spite of the issues and would stay there again for reasons having nothing to do with the comfort of the room or the value of the restaurant. It’s just a great location. We did wonder how chilled it would be when the construction is complete and there are many more people able to stay. Time will tell. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Spectacular resort

Apr 29th, 2019

We traveled with friends and stayed in a 3-bedroom panoramic penthouse suite. Beautiful views, gorgeous beach, updated and well thought out facilities. Quality through and through. Pricey food but REALLY great cuisine - high end gourmet. Groups of cruise ship passengers get brought in using day passes and even with their presence it did not feel overcrowded. Very friendly staff who go out of their way to be helpful. There was construction going on when we first arrived. Staff made sure to deal with our complaint of noise and really made great efforts to ensure our satisfaction. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Exceptional Service with ONE Exception

Apr 26th, 2019

I had an amazing time at this property. I arrived right after sunset, exhausted, tired and fatigued from travel. The woman - her name escapes me - who greeted me could visually tell that I was tired. She saw that I would be celebrating my birthday during this trip, so she went into the back and to my surprise, she returned with a champagne flute filled with champagne. Ah! Now this is the way you should start a Holiday! Note: She was a 30-40 year old blonde woman who spoke Dutch. I really wish I had her name, because she was a gem. I read many of the reviews before choosing this resort, so I knew to temper my expectations of the cleaning crew. Instead of being passive aggressive about it and running to TripAdvisor to complain, I chose to actively request what I wanted of my stewardess. I could tell she was not use to this level of frankness, but it worked for me, so who cares! I wasn't asking her to do anything that would not be an expectation of a resort of this caliber. For example: I had to ask for my floor to be swept and moped. After I began requesting what I wanted, she learned and began doing it without prompting. The suite comes with a small kitchenette, so I went to the market and bought groceries and cooked breakfast each morning. It was a nice treat, because I did not have to worry with getting dressed to eat. I could eat in my room. The room came with a small fridge, stove top, sink, microwave and a few dishes - everything you would need to cook a minor meal. The beds are low, but even with my back issues I did not find it difficult getting in and out of bed. My only complaint of the room is that I wish there was some place I could have properly packed and unpacked - like a foldable luggage rack. I found myself having to throw my luggage on the small desk where the TV stood, because I didn't want to throw my dirty trolleys on my bed. Delfins should address this immediately. Now to the property. It was beautiful. Lots of greenery, flowers, trees. Ah, it was like walking through heaven each day. You can expect to run into an iguana from time to time, but they didn't even bother me. The pool was cool and a nice reprieve from the hot sun some days. Another issue I had was Delfins sells day passes to Cruisers through Tour Companies and these people were loud. They came with small children who fought and screamed and yelled. It was always a welcome when it was time for them to go. I agree with the other posters. Delfins should reconsider this policy. Its not worth annoying your daily guests for a few dollars to appease cheap cruisers. I loved having the restaurant and bar on the property. That first day when I was exhausted, I went into my room and took a shower, threw on some fresh clothes and went down to the waterfront and just fell asleep in one of the oversized ottomans with a cocktail in my hand. The first few nights, I had these 3 handsome fellows at my beck and call. Ah, the customer service was divine, then half way into my trip, this young, blonde, rude Dutch woman arrived and threw everything off. She was the "she would not even acknowledge you" type of rude. She was the "she wouldn't even speak or say good morning" type of rude. She was the "I am doing you a favor by showing up" type of rude. After experiencing the fellas, I was shocked that she worked there. I wouldn't think a personality like hers would fit in. For example: Each morning, I would go and get my water jug filled with ice water. The bar is where you go for ice and water. I would patiently wait in the corner next to where the ice is kept. The guys would greet me and help me in the order I arrived. No problem! Not this young lady! No greeting. She helped one of the day pass people from the cruise ship with getting ice water and AFTER she helped two or three others she came to me - I guess because there was nothing else for her to do - and asked if I wanted ice water. I politely said, "Yes" made the mental observation, snapped a photo (see attached) and went about my way. This was my last day there and I refused to give her power to ruin in. When I say, she had an ugly disposition. Out of everyone on the island - with the exception of the supervisor at KFC - she was the ONLY rude and nasty person. Besides these things, I had a really good stay. If it wasn't for the rude lady, this would easily be a 5-star review even with the day pass folks. I really enjoyed my stay here. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Gorgeous Setting

Apr 26th, 2019

The hotel has a spectacular view, fabulous pool area, incredible staff, & delicious food. Breakfast is a little expensive, but the quality is unmatched. The resort has so much to do, it's a fantastic escape! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER