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Guest Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1

Worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at

Jul 30th, 2019

My government travel system booked me into this hotel near the Indianapolis airport. It is easily the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at. They are remodeling and I was actually put in a remodeled room. It was obvious that they painted and put in new carpet, but the furniture is old, mismatched and scratched and dirty, and they simply spray painted over the entire tub and shower (and it was already peeling off). The entire place was filthy. The phone in the room didn’t work, there was no hair dryer, and no hangers. There were no dishes in the kitchen, which was old and dirty, even though it’s supposed to be an extended stay hotel, and there is a dishwasher in the room. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Nice rooms

Jun 11th, 2019

My company put me up here over the weekend while they worked on my truck and I was pleasantly surprised with this hotel. It has a kitchenette with a dishwasher, small microwave, a two burner range top (and maybe a oven but I don’t remember that), sink, small table that seats two, and full refrigerator. There is a small family room with a pullout couch bed, a recliner, and a flatscreen tv on a swivel base. Then there is the bedroom with two double beds and a vanity sink with large mirror. The toilet and shower tub is in a room next to the sink. The room was well appointed and clean with two windows overlooking the pool and two air conditioning units that worked wonderfully and were pretty quiet. The only drawback is that there were limited TV stations as it is only picking up what is being broadcast over the air. They do serve breakfast but it is only cold items which was a big drawback for me but there are a few restaurants that serve hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner, within walking distance (1/3 mile walk at most). I would stay here again and more so if they served waffles for breakfast and got cable TV. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3

Not impressed

May 5th, 2019

For the the price I expected a bit more . The rooms (we rented 2) was outdated and had a musty smell. The air conditioner worked but struggled to keep the room cool. The beds were uncomfortable and the pillows were not good. The breakfast bar was disappointing. Muffins and coffee and Instant oatmeal. No juice or milk . One positive was the staff at the front desk clerk was very kind. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 2

One and Done!

Apr 29th, 2019

I just returned home from a three day stay at this hotel. It was a very mixed bag of experiences, some good. But the ones that were not good, were enough to say I will absolutely not stay here in the future. After more than three decades of full time travel in my former day job, living in a hotel is almost more familiar than home. Over three days the variety of experiences I had, told me that there is no meaningful management at this property and they have no concern for the safety and security of guests. Let me start with my biggest issue: I forgot my key and locked myself out the first morning at 5:30 AM when getting a fresh shirt from the car. I walked back around to the lobby and to the desk. I told the young woman I had locked myself out and she asked me my room number. I gave her the number and she made the key and handed it to me. I said "You're going to give me a room key just because a gave you a number? No questions about who I am, or any effort to see if I belong in that room?" She said "I have been here all night and it is 5 in the morning." As if this was an appropriate response, or even a pretext to guard the security of a guest or their belongings. The next day after returning in the early evening, the key would not work. I know it wasn't exposed to EMF (phones, etc.) and both of the keys had been stored in different places in the car over the day, so they weren't programmed correctly for the 3 day stay I had paid for. I went to the desk, told the guy my keys quit working and he asked the room number. Again, not even asking my name, just made the keys and handed them to me! Neither of the people that just handed me a key for a stated room number, without even asking my name or any identifying information, seemed to care when asked why they didn't. After seeing that, and the man that lost his belongings while they refused to even take a report, I knew that this was NOT a secure place to be. I took my belongings with me each day when I left and brought them back in when I returned. The first evening I was there, I went to the desk to ask if they had a business office so I could print a one page document. The woman at the desk "Maude," very abruptly told me No. I asked if I could bring a thumb drive with the document and get them to print it, again, No. I asked if there was any office store/kinkos or like place anywhere nearby I might go to, and she said 'I don't know.' The tone of her voice was frankly hostile and it wasn't until later I found out why. The younger woman at the counter stepped in and kindly offered to print a page for me if I could email it to their desk and gave me an email address for the hotel. I thanked her and went to my room to send it. I spend literally a full hour after successfully signing onto their internet system trying to get it to respond to sign on to my email account and another half hour to upload an email with the small 76KB attachment! The free wifi here is Horrible! They offer a 'pay' wifi service that is 'up to 2.4 times faster,' but as bad as the free one was, 2.4X almost zero is still almost zero... After sending the email I went immediately to the front desk and of course, the young woman who was helpful had gone home for the night. I waited for someone to come to the counter (there was usually no one there and nearly always had to wait until someone would happen buy) and it was a young man. I told him what i needed and he said he couldn't help me with that and i would have to talk to the lady who would be back in a few minutes. It was Maude, again with the gruff disposition and saying she couldn't get it for me because she didn't have the email password. She made it look like she was trying for a minute then kept walking away to do other things. At one point while i was waiting, I met another guest at the desk who was waiting on police to arrive. He had been involuntarily bumped for the ESA a few blocks away and had brought his belongings to this hotel and checked in this morning. He went to work and came back to the hotel to find the room door propped open and all his belongings missing. The lady at the desk (Maude) basically didn't believe him and thought he had left his own door open by mistake. She supposedly spent several minutes looking for the property he described in the room by the front desk and I was there when she came out and told him there was nothing there. He asked to file a report and she told him by policy, she could not take a report until the next afternoon. He had to leave in the morning and she wouldn't take the report, so he was forced to call police to make the theft report. I stood there waiting about 30 minutes on hoping to get someone competent to print the email document and finally the young man who had told me he couldn't do it, sat down at the desk and got into the hotel email account and print my document. It took a while but he got it done. Not really sure why he told me he couldn't, then 30 minutes later did it, but at least it got done. While i was waiting at the desk for him to retrieve the email and print the document, Maude came out with a white plastic bag with part of the man's belongings that she apparently could not find before. It was his Bose speakers, phone chargers, etc., in the very kind of bag he had previously described to her while I was there. He asked about his clothes and she said they were trying to contact the housekeeper on that floor but were unable to reach her. Again she told him she couldn't take a report. I spoke to him later that evening and they still had not located his clothes. He had called the corporate office and been told to call back the next morning when there was someone who could do something available. The man did file a police report and his wife was reporting the incident on social media, so i suspect the hotel chain will do something to make it right. Now for the little stuff that made the stay less comfortable. I did notice a prominent sign at the desk that said " something to the effect of "If you can't give us a 10, please tell us so can fix it." I have seen this before. It usually means they will be great and really try, or they are horrible and want to do damage control. When I originally arrived I waited behind a couple people to check in. There were other personnel coming and going at the front desk, but only one was handling the flow. I was issued a room that had obviously been preplanned, and I expect after having this same kind of experience several times before, that because I booked on hotels dot com, they gave me a less desirable room. One room away from the side entrance and across from what appeared a housekeeping storage area and a mechanical room. It would have been OK except that people were smoking in the alcove of that doorway around the clock, despite the sign asking smokers to stand 100 feet away. The smoke would blow back in the hall and under the big gap at the bottom of my room door, so I had to keep a towel there through the whole stay to keep from choking. The hotel was full so there was not other room to move to. Several groups of people pulled the floor mat into the door to block it open so they could come and go freely. One of these groups was at the other end of the hall and could be heard loudly yelling at each other with 'MFr' at the beginning and end of most sentences. That same group had a car pull up outside their room in the parking lot while I was unloading one night. The guy pulled into a parking space outside that room and honked his horn 6 or 7 times to get their attention. After they acknowledged him thru the window, he pulled down to my end and parked in the handicap space in front of the door and honked his horn several times again. Finally someone came out to greet him. They propped the door open with the mat and several people and kids ran back and forth between the car and room for about 15 minutes. I finally quit observing and went inside thru the still propped open 'security' door. The room was OK, but dirty around the edges of the carpet and bathroom floor where no one had taken a brush or vacuum nozzle in a long time. The tub drain was partially clogged (no way a housekeeper would miss it if the tub got cleaned), and the shower head was not correctly matched to the small water flow. It was difficult to get rinsed when showering. Tub had spots in the plastic that were obviously decorative in the original tub, but were a lot heavier around the soap dish and faucets at front of tub. It didn't look terrible dirty, but I would not have filled a tub to soak in it... As previously mentioned, the internet was virtually unusable. The television had 40 channels, but was very poor reception on many of them. It appeared to be a cable or satellite system, but it did not work well. I got up to go to the 'breakfast' the first morning at 5:30 AM and it was coffee and only one kind of granola style bar. I looked for creamer and all they had was coffee-mate with 'french vanilla' flavoring and pre-sweetened original. Geez, what about people who just want plain creamer without sweetener or flavoring? Needless to say, I got my own creamer for the other days and ate breakfast elsewhere. I noticed the last morning as I loaded my car to check out, that the 'security door' right by my room didn't even require pushing the handle to open. It had been propped open so many times that it didn't latch properly unless you pulled it shut hard. As usual, several people were smoking in the doorway as I exited. When I went to the desk to turn in my keys and checkout, it was again Maude at the desk. This time was the first time during my 3 day stay that she wasn't overtly gruff. She asked in a unusually sweet tone how my room was, and I politely let her know about the tub drain nearly clogged and the dirt around the edges of the room and bathroom. I didn't bother with any of the other issues as after watching the way this hotel handled issues (or more accurately, didn't handle), I knew that all I would get is confrontation form people who just don't get customer service. The one young woman who was willing to step in and offer to print my form was the only one that seemed to want to help with anything without being pushed to do so. Frankly, this hotel needs and personnel housecleaning and active management who actually care about customer service and a well run property. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1

Egregious Service

Mar 25th, 2019

Several weeks prior to a much anticipated spring break trip abroad, I made hotel reservations near the Indianapolis Airport through ParkSleepFly.com. We would drive to Indianapolis, stay over a night, take our flight, fly back, stay over another night before driving the two hours home. Within 24 hours of making my initial reservation, ParkSleepFly called me to say that regrettably the hotel had informed them that they were booked. PSF apologized and offered a voucher to use with my rebooking. I rebooked at this Extended Stay America. Upon arrival, we were told by the desk agent that this hotel does not, in fact, have an airport shuttle. She said the best they could do was call us a cab. I mentioned that we would just Uber. “Good call, “ she said. “The cabs around here are really slow.” The room was decent. Clean. Smelled nice. Tolerable noise levels. If this had been the sum total of our experience, I’d rate a solid three stars even with the lie about having a shuttle on the website. Our flight home from overseas was long and complicated by last minute reroutings and excessively long layovers. We were all ready for bed by the time our Uber deposited us at Extended Stay shortly after 11p. The desk agent cut me off as I tried to check in and informed me that they had no rooms. “No, it’s okay. We have a reservation.” “Doesn’t matter,” she said. “We’re oversold. There are no rooms left.” She asked where I’d made the reservation. “ParkSleepFly overbooks us all the time. I’d call them right now and make them find you another room.” When asked if the hotel had made any effort to contact PSF and explain the oversold situation, she shrugged and said, “Why would we do that? They’re the ones who screwed up.” Further inquiries resulted in her curtly explaining that she was “just the night clerk” and wasn’t involved with reservations anyway. She made no apology nor offer of help. Though we had three drivers in our party, one 16 years of age, all of us were exhausted and not in the best shape for an unexpected 2 hour drive at what was fast approaching midnight. Luckily, we made it home in one piece. The real insult to injury though came on that two hour drive when I received an alert on my phone from my credit card app informing me that Extended Stay America had charged my account $95. Come to find out that this was a no show fee. Yes. A no show fee. We came. They sent us away. They charged us a no show. ParkSleepFly’s customer service has been nothing but exemplary. They got that charge reversed and were highly apologetic. I have used their service without incident many times. Indeed, they had once previously informed me of an oversold situation on this very same trip. Extended Stay America’s treatment of us was egregious. They oversold their hotel. They didn’t bother to inform anyone of this fact. We were placed in a potentially dangerous situation. They charged us as if we were at fault. And they tried to pin the blame for the whole thing on ParkSleepFly. Do not stay here under any circumstances. There is nothing they can do to make this right. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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