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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1

Extended Stay should be ashamed, don't use 3rd party booking

Aug 8th, 2019

To whom it may concern: August 8,2019 I had tickets to the Rolling Stones in Jacksonville. The show got postponed. On May 16th I received an email from the Fan club telling me of the new date. I knew that on the original date hotels booked fast or they jacked up the price. I immediately tried to call Extended Stay America, Jacksonville Riverwalk, but no one answered the phone, so I went on line and booked thru the Trip Advisor wed sight thru Booking.com 2 rooms for the night of Friday 7/19/2019. When my friend and I realized we needed to fly on the July 18th I contacted the hotel to add on that date, so we did not have to switch rooms. They told me to go thru booking.com to add it on, and that they would coordinate so we did not have to change rooms. Booking contacted Extended Stay and set up the 2 nights, I was on a conference type call with both. I was happy! Got a good rate at a nice place, in a super location. (I have stayed there before so I knew it was perfect!) On July 8th (a month and ½ later!) I was contacted by Nicole at Extended Stay telling me that some of their extended stay guests were wishing to stay later and that they did not have enough rooms. I said I have 2 nights how about the 18th? I was told oh that night is ok. So, there is lie #1. I told her if people were extending then the 18th would be booked. Then I was told they had a computer glitch and 35 people had to be called because the computer over booked. I said I was booked 2 nights so why not keep me there? I was told that because I booked thru Booking.com 3rd party that I was being bumped 1st! But not to worry I was being switched to one of their other hotels, which will be just as nice with the same setup it just will be a bit further out, but no worry we have beautiful 2 rooms, and it will be fine. On July 9th I got an email from Extended Stay America telling me my rooms are at their Lenoir Ave location. I went on line to check it out. The normal rate there is usually about half what Riverwalk is. I put in a date a week earlier than my stay and Riverwalk was something like $120 and Lenoir was $57!!! I have stayed at Riverwalk and know it is a lovely location and nice place, and what the setup is. When I read the reviews of Lenoir, they were not that good. I called Extended Stay Corporate and the woman, Julie, there was very nice and tried to see what she could do. I told her that I felt cheated by them for doing this. She contacted the district Manager who I think was Wanda. I was told that they could not move me that Lenoir was a nice place not to worry and that for our trouble when we got there each room would get a free 2-night stay at any Extended stay in the USA. So, they were trying. This is what actually happened. We got there, and the place inside is a dump. The floors are sticky, my friends sink was clogged with white junk, the fridge was rusted, the place smelled of horrible food smell, dogs barking, cats in the window, there was no real “suite” like the Riverwalk only a rundown kitchen and 1 recliner chair. At this location we missed out on all the Stones fun, and beautiful Riverwalk. I had to pay more to get to the concert, and could not take the convenient Ferry. There were several other angry people that had gotten bumped that we ran into at Lenoir. I asked about the 2-night vouchers, the manager at Lenoir had no clue. She called Riverwalk and they said I should get it in a week the mail. I have waited and waited. No voucher. On July 26th I got a call from Nicole saying she hoped everything was ok. Well I told her it was not. I told her all of the above. And how cheated I felt. And why did it take so long to contact me in the 1st place. If they had called me earlier, I could have gotten a better place to stay. Her response was that they were told to do it in their spare time!!!! That should have been a top priority for us 35 people. They dragged their feet knowing we would not have any other options. I asked where my voucher was. She then said oh we will send you a one-night stay. I told her NO its 2 nights both rooms. She said that they were mailing them out now. Today is August 8th. No voucher. So, my complaint is this whole thing was a scam. They scammed Booking.com because in the end the new rooms were thru Extended Stay. They scammed me by charging me more than twice the amount that the room was worth. They scammed me by promising me vouchers that I never got. They lied to me about the problem, and even though they knew about the problem they waited 1 ½ months to even contact me. I could have gotten a better place if they had let me know right away. I think they just wanted more money for the rooms, as many of the places did jack up the prices because of the concert. I unfortunately booked at the normal rate before anyone realized that the concert was coming. They lied about how nice the new place was, it was horrible. And I have stayed at cheap places that were nice. I have stayed at Riverwalk; Lenoir was nothing like that nice suite place. I tried calling Booking.com but could not get thru. I will send them a copy. Trip advisor said wasn’t their problem. I did this booking thru the internet and have all my confirmation paperwork. It says they guarantee me a room at Riverwalk until 6PM. I think they have broken interstate commerce laws. I was done from NJ on the internet and telephone. I feel I have given them plenty of time to make good, have even told each one of the people I spoke to that I was going to contact FTC, BBB, Booking.com and trip advisor. Two days ago I sent emails to the corporate heads, and corporate customer service. No reply. I don’t think they care. I feel really ripped off. I just want to put this in their record, and actually at this point want my money back for both rooms, as I know those vouchers will probably have some expiration or some other glitch to them. Extended stay should be ashamed. Thank you for listening. CC: Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection, FTC, Extended Stay Corporate TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3

Better than Expected

May 8th, 2019

Many erroneous reviews created some apprehension so I pre inspected before paying. Perhaps I recieved preferred treatment as mentioned being a reviewer for TA but I doubt it. Room with kitchenette, very clean, no sign of any bugs. No noise or traffic, comfortable bed, decent sheets n towels, friendly helpful staff. Only thing missing was water glass and a bit of tableware such as a fork to go with the microwave and stove. I travel internationally on regular basis I would call this one average or what should be average @ $67 a night for this area. I believe some of the negative comments I read were made in spite, especially since people who have only 1-2 reviews are inexperienced and perhaps only post when unhappy for whatever reason. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Rough Starts, Good Conclusions

Feb 9th, 2019

I stayed at this property twice for long periods beginning mid way through December and ending at the beginning of February. Was in Jax for Elder Care issues. Rough starts each time but very good Customer Service materialized each time and made things right. Sadly, many sketchy people walking about, people knocking on the door without identifying themselves, key cards being inserted into my door repeatedly at odd hours, testing my readiness apparently. Only hotel I've stayed at ever that has a bug problem - I bought my own 'roach hotels' and put them all over my room during the second stay. A large contingent of 'guests' don't seem to speak english. Many guests appear to be Section 8 'emergency guests'. This is Jacksonville. I didn't witness any crimes or disturbances otherwise. Despite all of this, I will inquire here first should I need to return to Jax in the future and in need of long term housing. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

The Thomas Family

Feb 4th, 2019

My family and I came to Jacksonville to visit family. We stayed at your hotel and was pleasantly surprised. The room was extremely clean, the staff was very friendly. Although the lobby had people in in it, it was clean and smelled very nice. This was a pleasant stay. We will be staying at your hotel whenever we visit. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1


Jan 28th, 2019

Multiple issues happened here ao I'm going to break them alm down seperately: 1) Plane came in 2 hours late. When I arrived there was no one at the front desk to great me. I waited 20 plus minutes before calling the hotel and letting the phone ring. Thata when someone picked up and I said in standing in front of the lobby...smh. first off no one should ever leave their post as you never know when a guest or a walk in is coning. 2) Got dressed and left for the day. Saw the cleaning crew cleaning other rooms. Came back and not only to find my room was not clean but the door was opened and the latch on the outside holding it open! The front desk clerk stated that they only clean rooms for 7 day stays....REALLY?!?!? What about towels, soap and other items that may need to be refilled?!?!. Thata not good. 3) If your going to offer breakfast please serve hot coffee, not lukewarm coffee. Granola bars and muffins are not a continental breakfast. 4) A bad odor throughout the hotel when I arrived. About to check out now and the new door is STRONG chloride! If your guests can smell it after they walked out kn the fresh air then it's being used too much cause I still smell it in my nose. 5) A fitted sheet on the bed acting as a comforter is so wrong. The look is nice but really? A fitted sheet/ allegee comforter?!?!? The moral of this post is to notice the things your guests are describing cause I can't be the only one. I speak the truth about my experiences and if it's great I will rate accordingly, if it's not I will rate accordingly. I think a staff meeting and performance has to be revisited and consider a change as the current is unacceptable. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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