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Tripadvisor Traveler Rating 1

This hotel knows how to penalize loyal and generous guests!

Nov 26th, 2020

What would you expect from the hotel when you stayed 7 times, a total of 31 nights at the cost of $27,583 during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic and hard to semi-hard lockdowns associated with "the virus"? One should fully expect to be penalized to the tune of 1,600.00 Euro (almost $2,000) for incidental damage, which the hotel arbitrarily blamed on your dog! Here is the story. I am an Aurelian member of the Leading Hotels of the World Club - LHW (Aurelian membership is by invitation only for the top 1% of spenders). Hence, I am always staying at the member hotels where available. LHW has two hotels in Munich, one of them is Bayerischer Hof Hotel. It is about 1/2 price on average of The Charles Hotel rates, a Rocco Forte Hotel. The latter, unfortunately, is located right next to the small city park full of homeless and drug addicts, so the choice is obvious. We stayed at Bayerischer Hof in at least half-a-dozen rooms and suites this July-November, including panoramic "bavarian style presidential" suites, paying >1,000 Euro or night. The last time in early November we stayed at the Deluxe Junior Suite room #741 designed, if I am not mistaken, by Axel Vervoordt. It is a nice, contemporary rustic designed suite. The only thing which struck me on arrival was the light beige carpet, which is absolutely impractical for any home, but especially for a hotel when guests may come and go daily. Even worse, the restaurants were closed due to "lockdown" and the room service was functioning on a limited menu, so the only place we could eat was our room. On the first or second day of our stay "disaster struck": we spilled an orange juice during breakfast! When we came back from work, I was surprised to find our carpet steam-washed, still wet. Shortly after, at around 7:00 pm, the housekeeping manager knocks on the door and starts telling me that our little dog - a miniature Yorkie named Wooster - peed all around the room delivering "irreparable damage" to the carpet and therefore the hotel will have to rip it off and replace it... She also claimed that he chewed on the furniture... (the hotel own description states: "the furniture made from old wood, whether it’s the table, chest of drawers, bedside table, desk or shelves"). I was at the conference call with my patient in Califonia at the very same time, so I asked the lady to deliver all of her grievances in writing. I never got anything, although. When we arrived from work the next day, I find a man working in our room again steam cleaning the carpet... I asked him to leave, as I had to work. I did not make much out of this incident initially, because, as someone who travels 75% of the time, I never had this kind of trouble. Silly me! The hotel continued harassing us with phone calls telling us that we are responsible for the damage. This was happening while we extended our stay twice to 9 nights total. I just did not have time to move to a different hotel. I invited a manager on duty one night, who was trying to show to me "the damage" done by Wooster, but quickly realized that due to Wooster's size - he is a 3 kg adult, there is no way he can bite anything off the furniture (he never did anything of that kind) but kept insisting that the carpet was damaged. I pointed out that we stayed, at that point, > than 3 weeks with Wooster in the very same hotel and never had any issues or claims against us. I also learned that the hotel does not have a standard nightly "pet charge", which was very surprising. FYI, Wooster is a true English gentleman who goes to the bathroom (literally) on absorptive pads during the night or when left alone. When I told this manager that I will move to a different hotel, he immediately replied that he will charge us for the whole reservation, as it is not refundable. He also told me that the hotel "will try to clean the carpet again", and, if not successful, will provide us with an itemized bill for replacement, etc. I yet to get anything. Needless to say, I never saw "before and after" photos, official acts, or anything else proving that damage occurred during our stay. I doubt any hotel films or photographs rooms before new guest move in. But, truly, I just did not have time and extended our stay twice, assuming that someone at the hotel will stop this nonsense. I was naive, to say the least. When reviewing my bill during check out at around 5:30 am, I found a charge of 1,600.80 Euro. I protested but was told this is the decision made by management. I realized that it is useless to argue with a front desk clerk and we had a flight to catch in 2 hours. The hotel charged my credit card for a total of $4,272.59 including 1,600.80 Euro despite my refusal to sign the invoice. I disputed the charge with Amex, which is now investigating. I was given the name of the man who made the decision - Mr. (Herr) Anton Mertl, Director of Rooms. Of note, I always make sure to give tips to people delivering food, bellboys, doormen, and valet. It is not a big deal but easily comes to hundreds of euros during each stay. The morals of the story: 1. beware of being generous and loyal. This is not an appreciated currency, even when a hotel is, at best, at 20% occupancy. 2. Ask, if a hotel has a "pet charge". If it does, then, I assume unless one "sh...s" the place, he will not be charged for a pet soiling the carpet. 3. Do not stay in rooms with light-colored carpet. 4. Be suspicious of "cheap" rates - do not be cheap, even if you spend tens of thousands on hotel stays already. Life is too short! 5. Take pictures or video of a room before moving in and share it with a hotel, just as when renting a car. 6. This hotel DOES NOT belong to the LHW or to Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts. Stay away. There are at least a dozen truly fine hotels in Munich, including Kempinski, Mandarin, etc. 7. I will never stay at this hotel again, unless they apologize, refund the charge voluntarily, and make it up to me somehow. I will keep everyone posted, but I am not going to hold my breath. I have the invoice, hotel online marketing materials, and a video I took at checkout for those who are interested. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

Tripadvisor Traveler Rating 3

Rubbish, total waste of money

Sep 18th, 2020

Most of the staff were friendly and polite. Breakfast was very small buffet selection. Disliked · They advertised the spa as being open but it was not. we went for a spa break. We could not even get a facial together as there was only one woman working every day They upgraded us to a room that was very dated and was over looking a building site so we asked to stay in the room we original booked. Only problem was that it had 2 single beds and i requested a double bed when i booked. We was promised that the two beds would be joined but even though we asked 5 times through out the day and night they did not do it. The lady at reception was actually extremely rude saying that house keeping had gone to the room and the beds had been joined. I explained that they were not joined and i had pushed the beds together and that i was falling through the middle when I was lying down, she said well these are the only beds we have in this hotel so you will have to make do I tried to explain that the beds have to be joined with a double sheet but she insisted that this was not possible. By midnight i was very frustrated and actually apprehensive about complaining again because of the negative reaction i had received. The next morning we checked into the four seasons for the same price. different class. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

Tripadvisor Traveler Rating 2


Sep 13th, 2020

Poor experience in roof top bar. Didn’t receive ordered food , hot water etc. complained five times before receiving wholly unacceptable answer. Arrogant and near to what one would expect from a lunch TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

Tripadvisor Traveler Rating 2

What a disappointment

Sep 6th, 2020

Where, to begin? First know that I am writing this review while staying hwre and I have not filed a complaint with the staff or management, I wait until I leave. I also do not correct or complain to junior staff, it's not my job to correct them, just to catalogue their failures. There are no second chances to make a first impression and if staff/management doesn't recognize their failures it's not my issue to help them. In a service business the customer is all that matters. This storied property may have once been a high quality well run hotel but it seems to have fallen on hard times, or poor management (most likely). The rooms are small, decor is dated and inappropriate for a neoclassical city my and other rooms I saw are in an early millennium safari theme - leapard print lamp shades, elephants etc. The tacky fixtures and furniture are worn and broken, carpets worn and dirty, small hole in the ceiling, general state of disrepair. By appearances it has been in a declining state for quite a while, several years I would guess. The room has a comically small balcony which looks over an industrial interior courtyard with buckets of stone and miss growing over a plastic roofed atrium somewhere below. The bathroom has missing fixtures in the tub, hard water stains abound, broken hooks, crooked lamp fixtures and faucets. The hot water didn't appear to work at the sink, or I was unwilling to waste that much water to see if it got warm. I do have to say the bathroom venting was very good, German plumbing usually results in a faint whiff of sewer gas in even the nicest bathroom. Another plus, the air-conditioning was quite good for a European hotel, and outstanding for a German hotel, it's the only reason I didn't leave immediately. The beds (two twins tied together?) are no better than any budget hotel in Europe and garbage compared to a standard business class hotel in the US or elsewhere (any of the Marriot brands). The second bed is a foldout couch, yes 500 euro a night (minimum) european hotels have sleeper sofas and expect you to sleep on them. The minibar makes you think the minibar prices in Las Vegas are awesome, 51 Euro for years old 0.2 ltr bottle of Champagne and 11 euro bottle of sparkling water is even out of bounds for an admitted late night mini bar raider like myself. The spa and pool facilities are worn and dated, the pool has so many missing tiles I was hesitant to let my children swim in it for fear of getting cut against the side. The decking is creaking and uneven, trip hazards abound, electrical outlets broken and hanging from the wall, all the wooden poolside furniture is damaged and warped. The pool side staff, if they were present, were incompetent and lazy at best, I observed them, at least four spa staff, clustered by the bar and hanging out for most of the four hours I was there. When I ordered a drink it took an hour to make the thirty meter trip from bar to pool and the ice had melted by the time it got to me, I resigned to walking to the bar everytime I wanted a drink, the bartender kept saying "we can bring it to you" to which I replied but the pool staff is never there. This staff failure cost the property money, I would have spent money on food and beverage the entire time. Towels and chairs were not cleaned up, a rumpled pile of towels and newspapers stayed on the floor of the deck area the entire time I was there. I had to clean and make up my own poolside chairs, find towels in deck boxes, generally tend to everything on my own. These issues are coupled with, I am assuming, spa "members" traipsing around in their street shoes doffing their gym bags around and dropping trow to change into their bathing suits right in the seating area. I question why a hotel of this storied status would allow their facilities to be used by non-guests at all (reference above comment about hard times in or bad management). If I wanted to got to a pool with the locals I would be at the freibad (public pool). The lamps around the pool look as though they caught fire or melted from the heat. The elevator displays function in only one elevator, the flooring in the elevators is cracked and broken. The hotel uses this very institutional (think women's prison or mental hospital) lock and keyfob system where you push a button on the keyfob to activate the elevator or your room lock. I'm sure it was very expensive and novel twenty years ago, no one wants to carry a lunker keychain and fob around, even the latest Mercedes uses a card key. The finish work in the hotel looks hodgepodge, cut and patched trim and moulding, miss measured trim, and covers and blending around even the elevator buttons (a simple and inexpensive fix). Breakfast is a complete bust and consists of a few pieces of parbaked breakfast breads and a few slices of cheese and jam for 35 euros a person, our room rate included but I would never pay for something as meager as this. It's advertised as a " Champagne" breakfast but the ended up charging me extra for the Champagne. I've had better breakfast at nearly every hotel I've ever stayed at in Europe. I am sure there will be excuses about the pandemic or something but it's not a viable excuse for the experience. The never did bring the eggs I ordered, or offer a refill of the luke warm coffee. All of this while operating with a staff three times that of your average Denny's or I-Hop and those restaurants would have served several hundred guests table side in a morning rush. I have not been able to completely stop traveling during the pandemic (all but the first month) and every property I have stayed at so far brought service to a higher level because of the pandemic, not lower and each property was overly thankful for the few of us traveling and conducting business during the madness. The lobby is the only really clean and we'll tended area in the hotel. The desk staff is generally unresponsive and when calling from outside the hotel seems to drop your call when making a connection to the room as happened after four tries from two different outside calllers. The hotel does boast a three star restaurant (which is never open, even before covid) and an original Trader Vic's, which is Awesome and never disappoints. The Night club (I was dragged there by a colleague) when it was open pre-covid is very euro nuevo trashy joint, the wall of dusty bottles of Hennesy lining the black painted walls tell that story on the way in. The clientele which invades the lobby on Fridays and Saturdays is usually the leased later model supercar set with lots of lined out beards, platform sneakers and women far to fat for their clothes. We stayed in the hotel because we wanted be able walk to eat at Trader Vic's, I ignored suggestion by a colleague that I should stay at the Manderin and walk to the restaurant (which is my normal in munich). I travel to Munich regularly for business and have a couple reliable hotels and Air B+B's, which can be very nice in Munich. I am sorry I ignored the warnings that the Bayrischer Hof was not a good quality or value. I like staying in nice hotels and paying for the privilege, this was a rip off, I paid too much for a beater, and definitely feel rotten for it. Unless I see a major overhaul or the hotel is purchased by a reliable management chain, I will never stay here again, I'm sure they don't care. Don't fall for the photos or false images displayed on the internet, read the reviews, carefully I wish I did, my review is not isolated. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

Tripadvisor Traveler Rating 5

The ultimate in chic Munich experience

Aug 28th, 2020

Wonderful service and character decor, the suites were gorgeous and very individual styles of interiors it was a great experience and food was amazing as was the personalised service. Great attention to details and the staff were very helpful. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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