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Guest Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Great All-Inclusive

Jan 18th, 2020

We decided to try the Sandals Halcyon resort on St. Lucia due to our children having a good experience at the Grande. The weather in St. Lucia was wonderful for a winter get away. Brief intermittent passing clouds (which usually meant a 5-10 minute rain). The Halcyon is smaller, quieter and slower paced than the other resorts based on our short visit to La Toc and Grande while we were there. We hire a private driver for the trip to and from the airport and it worked out well as several others complained about the hard ride from the airport in the Sandals van. Check in went smoothly and it is nice to have an orientation the first morning you are at the resort. The staff is all very helpful and friendly. We ate at all of the restaurants except for the sushi bar. We liked Kimonos (Japanese) and Marios (Italian) the best although Kelly's Dockside was very good also. The Beach Bistro was handy for a quick lunch and snacks. The Bayside restaurant was very good for dinner, but breakfast and lunch is buffet only, which got old quickly. We started ordering from room service for breakfast every day and this service was great with good hot food. The beach is not as Caribbean looking as the pictures indicate but are still nice and there were plenty of lounge chairs and covers. We didn't get to do the water sports due to high winds and waves while we were there. There are numerous bars on the property and although we don't drink alcohol, we did get some good fruit drinks there. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

New Year's Eve Wedding

Jan 16th, 2020

Having spent 10 days at Halcyon over Christmas and New Year we would like to thank the staff for making our stay such a wonderful experience. Particularly the 3 Butlers Alice,Claudia and Davina who couldn't have done anymore for us. Techla and the wedding team were very professional in organising our wedding on New year's eve nothing was to much trouble. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 2


Jan 15th, 2020

Firstly please allow me to outline just why this holiday was so important to me and especially my wife :- “35 years ago I purchased for my then girlfriend a gold sovereign necklace. It cost me nearly a whole months wages at the time but she was worth it. We married and had one child... a boy. Unfortunately he went completely off the rails and approximately 7 years ago stole the necklace to buy drugs with along with other valuables we had in the house. At the time I promised my wife I would get her another one when I could afford it. 3 years ago after finding myself unemployed and struggling to find employment for various reasons I took the money I had saved for our 25th wedding anniversary trip and sunk it all into a new business. After 3 years of working pretty much 7 days a week and hardly seeing my very understanding wife we decided that I needed a break and to recharge the very depleted batteries. We booked a week away over Christmas and as it was my wife's first year away from her family at Christmas I decided to book Christmas day for a romantic meal for two by candlelight just to help take her mind away from her family and make the day a little more special. Now what she didn’t know is that I had been to see a Jeweler who had from my drawing managed to recreate the necklace right down to the sovereign being the same year as her original one. She knew absolutely nothing about it and I was quite simply bursting with excitement to give her the necklace Christmas day by candlelight” I have copied and pasted the above with a few tiny alterations from the ‘Sandals Halcyon Beach Official’ facebook page I posted on back in October of last year (2019) as I think in just a few words it emphasized just how much this holiday meant to me. For nearly 20 years I have aspired to visit a Sandals resort and experience the levels of luxury and high service I had seen advertised. It is with deep regret that I can only say I am so greatly disappointed with the levels of service we experienced at the Halcyon Beach resort that after just 4 days we both wanted to leave and return home as the dream had been well and truly shattered. We arrived on the 24th of December and were immediately struck with how beautiful the resort looked. It was small but wonderfully maintained, perfect for a relaxing 7 day break in the sunshine. I did feel the ipad type booking in experience to be a little impersonal for a 5 star resort but very efficient none the less. We were taken to our room (number 302) and settled down for the holiday of a lifetime. The day started well on the 25th December, this was it…the dream I had aspired to for those 20 years, beautiful warm sunshine, a lovely maintained beach and above all a very relaxing atmosphere. We laid on the beach enjoyed a few drinks from the bar and soaked up the sun, we had found paradise. Unfortunately the romantic ‘candlelit white gloved service’ meal I had booked for that evening is where things started to go wrong. We sat in the reception area and watched as waiting staff arrived in their black uniforms to escort other waiting couples to their meals. My table was booked for 8 o’clock and at 8.10 (10 minutes late but it’s Christmas day in the Caribbean so not a big deal) our ‘server’ Vanessa arrived dressed in normal Bayside server uniform and asked us to follow her to the beach. We had seen some of the other tables on the beach earlier in the evening with their oil filled torches burning and little lights on the sand and were understandable quite excited. Not for us though it seems as we sat down at a table with just 2 of the led square lights that could be seen elsewhere at tables in the Bayside restaurant and around the pool tables of an evening. The meal then proceeded to take nearly 3 hours with Vanessa running down the beach with food as she was also trying to serve in the Bayside. The photographer turned up quick enough, not sure why though as I have no idea what happened to the photographs he took. Were we meant to go somewhere to collect them ? Vanessa did try to use some of the oil filled lamps at our table towards the end of the meal when the rest of the beach had become deserted but we had been there so long these ran out of fuel after a few minutes as we had obviously been there so long. Towards the end we just wanted to get the meal finished and get back to our room. The long anticipated magical moment had already been well and truly spoilt. The following day 26th we decided to spend the day just lazing on the beach but by 9 o’clock all of the beds on the beach had been covered in towels apart from 2 beds on their own with no covered shades etc but Hey we have holidayed all over the world and know the old saying “you snooze you lose” My wife went to the bar by the pool to get a drink. First she gave her order to Devon who promptly left because he had to say goodbye to a guest who was leaving. She next gave her order to Stanley who unfortunately then did exactly the same thing. She was left standing at the bar on her own waiting for either of them to come back where for a third time she placed her order for a drink. It was at this point when I decided this wasn’t the level of service I had expected from a 5 star resort especially with the amount of money I had paid so decided to find someone and complain. I went to the main reception and asked to see the manager. Francis appeared after about 10 minutes and told me he was the manager and listened while I told him about the meal the previous night and about the service my wife had experienced at the pool bar that morning. He agreed that both were unacceptable and that he would look into it. 27th December and everything is groovy, the room fridge wasn’t replenished but that’s ok, it’s not the end of the world and we dined at Kelly’s where the service was exceptional…yeah we are back on track  28th December OK this is quite nice here, service is a little slow but that’s ok it’s the Caribbean and everything moves at a slower pace of life. On returning to our room that evening once again the fridge had not been replenished so I thought I would put in a call to reception. Apparently someone had been to our room to replenish it but there was a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on the door. That was strange as we hadn’t touched this sign since we arrived and it was still sitting on the table inside the room. Nobody came to the room even after this call was put in. We decided to dine that evening at the Bayside. After being taken to a table by Martha we sat and waited…and waited…and waited ! Couples who were seated after us were receiving drinks and having their orders taken in a timely manner. After 15 minutes of trying to attract someone’s attention I walked out, telling Martha on the way out that I thought the service was not good as after 15-20 minutes nobody had even offered me a drink. I again went to reception and asked to see the manager and met with a young lady who I am afraid I didn’t get the name of. I relayed the issues I had had so far and once again she agreed that this wasn’t the kind of service that Sandals offered and she would look into it and get back to me. 29th December by now we were both beginning to feel a little uncomfortable in the resort and that this really wasn’t the luxury escape we had been hoping for. Martha was at the Bayside at breakfast and lunch and made us both feel very uncomfortable with looks that could freeze a cup of hot coffee. Once again that evening we found the fridge had not been replenished and at 5 o’clock the room still hadn’t been visited by housekeeping. At this point I finally snapped !! I wanted out and to return home. All of the above in isolation we could deal with but taken in its entirety isn’t what I expect from a 5 star self named luxury resort. I went to the concierge office and asked them to find me a flight home. I have stayed at many hotels around the world from 3 star to 5 star and the level of service at the Halcyon Beach had finally disappointed me so much I just wanted to go home. I did meet with Christopher the General Manger that day who once again confirmed what we had experienced was not up to standard and would we be willing to allow him to make amends. We did and to be fair he did arrange a lovely meal at Kelly’s in a private balcony over the sea and arranged for our room to have a bubble filled soaking tub with rose petals in it, a bottle of chilled fizz and some chocolates upon our return that evening which was greatly appreciated. The following two days we mainly spent at the lagoon pool with it’s amazing bartender Agnes. Many of the staff could do with working with this lady to experience what exactly customer service is. She asked us had we had issues since we had been at the resort? Obviously something had been said to the staff otherwise how would she know ? She did tell us that she may have to give up work soon due to the problems with her legs, this will be a very sad day for the resort indeed. The company need to find a way to keep this woman employed even just in a training capacity. Her customer skills and manner go such a long way towards customer enjoyment. I did meet with Christopher once more before I left on the 31st December who once again couldn’t be more apologetic but as I explained I think the damage had been done early in our stay. It’s such a shame as this resort has all the ingredients to be a paradise retreat unfortunately the levels of service are at best sloppy and at worst appalling for such a prestigious company. I also feel if something had been done when we first raised an issue with Francis on the 26th Decemeber things might not have escalated to the point they did on the 29th when I just wanted to come home. It certainly didn’t live up to the hype or company branding. On arrival back at the airport we met another couple who had been on our flight out to St Lucia and had shared the transfer with us to the resort. They had cut their holiday short to return home early also due to the poor levels of service. Of the many complaints they had the one that sums up the resort is the lady had ordered a certain drink 4 days running at one of the bars. On her return to the same bar on the fifth occasion she was told they don’t do that drink there and never had done it ! Things can be so hit and miss depending upon who you ask. The resort screams out for Training, training and more training. There appears to be far too many young staff dotted around desperately trying not to make any kind of eye contact in case they are asked to do something. Christopher did say he would like to offer us 3 nights complimentary accommodation at a Sandals resort in the future but I feel with the cost of flights etc although this is a nice gesture it doesn’t make up for the level of service received, the shattering of a dream and the ruining of probably the more romantic gesture I have tried to make in 28 years of marriage. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Awesome holiday

Jan 12th, 2020

Staff and amenities excellent. Food was also excellent. Definitely worth the drive from the airport. Have been to the DR and Cancun over the last several years and the service you receive at Sandles is so much more refined. We booked Sandles South Coast Jamaica for 2021. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4

Relaxing, but a few issues

Jan 12th, 2020

Loved the size of the resort, small manageable size for a forced relaxing getaway. My husband and I opted for the beach every day, while the couple we traveled with opted for the lazy river pool. We were all happy with the locations. The bar staff at the lazy river pool was always on point and friendly. Sandals needs to work on training the staff that works at the beach restaurant. Most (not all) of the wait staff seemed inconvenienced by guests. The food was fine, nothing special. The bar staff, however, was polite, professional, and accommodating. The food at the buffet for breakfast was tasty and plentiful. The omelet station was fantastic. Kelly's food was marginal, but the waitresses we had were top-notch. Mario's food was great. The wait staff was pleasant, professional and accommodating. The antipasti bar was different by American standards, but it was fresh, tasty and clean. The menu at the bistro for dinner was small, but there were enough options to get a decent meal. My only complaint was the food was way over salted. We ate there 2 nights and the salt level was the same both times. Our room was comfortable and clean. Daily housekeeping was perfect. They were accommodating to work around our schedule. We had requested certain things in our refrigerator, but that comes from a different department. Having those specific things stocked daily was not done. For example, we requested most of the soda be removed, and replaced with mostly water and a few more beers. Oh well, we survived (sarcasm). The beach is small, but we enjoyed it immensely. I wish they had taken more care to be sure that the lounge chairs were more evenly distributed on both ends of the beach. We had asked several different people if we could get more loungers on Christmas Day, but no luck. We finally were able to move into a sunshade with loungers, so no harm done. We just wanted to settle in for the day and could not because we really had no place to put our things. We booked an outdoor couples massage. When I booked it, I was under the impression it was one price, but when the bill came, it was more than double. I was annoyed and did speak to the concierge several days later; after I cooled off. She agreed that the pricing should have been made more clear by the staff from the Spa. The experience of an outdoor massage was wonderful, but not worth the price we paid. I also spoke to the concierge about the kitchen staff at the beach restaurant drinking while they were cooking. To me, it was a safety issue. Having all the cats roaming around was not a problem for me, I rather enjoyed it. I loved seeing the feeding ritual as well. My hope is that they receive vet care by the resort. The vendors on the beach are friendly, not pushy, and helpful. We interacted with the same 3 or 4 vendors throughout our stay. We enjoyed just chatting with all of them. The soaking tub was wonderful!!! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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