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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Sirata Hotel Pool

Jan 18th, 2020

Brenda, the activities director, does fun things for the family like tie-dye t-shirts, beach games, cannon ball contests, sand castle contests and more! Super fun for the kids! Awesome bar area with great frozen drinks and Bloody Mary’s! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1


Jan 16th, 2020

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!!! - THEY STOLE FROM MY FAMILY! Let me start by saying we have been staying at this resort on St. Pete Beach for about 5 years. I found this place originally on a business trip as a convention we were attending was being held here and while it wasn't what I would normally expect from a beach front "RESORT" it was quiet, fairly clean and the price matched what you got. Last year we didn't stay here do to the sale of the resort and the new owners doing a bunch of renovations. The event we normally attend here was held elsewhere. However once renovations were complete my wife and I decided a family beach vacation was needed and we booked this resort for an August vacation. I can't even begin to tell you how unhappy I am. First of all the new room rates are double the old rates which in my head I said was fine because they supposedly renovated all the rooms (well that's just not exactly true) the bedroom part of the rooms got a facelift - new floors and wall treatments but the same old broken sliding doors were left and the bathrooms weren't touched at all which is so weird because you have this beautiful bedroom but the bathroom is gross. NOW FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT WENT WRONG ON THIS TRIP AND HOW THE HOTEL IS A BUNCH OF CHEATS AND SCAM ARTISTS!! Upon booking we contact the hotel and informed them that we wanted a beach front room on the second or third floor as we hated the ground floor rooms because there was a walkway that crossed in front of the rooms. The girl on the phone said she would note the account of the preference and we shouldn't have a problem booking so far in advance. When we arrived and went to check in I was given our room, and realised hey wait this is ground floor. When I said something to the front desk they informed me that this was what I requested... Of course I immediately corrected them only to be told oh well it's Friday and we won't have any other rooms until tomorrow when people check out. They promised to get us moved first thing in the morning when someone checked out and as soon as that room was cleaned. Check out is by 11am so we figured 12-1pm at the latest. Also when we were checking in the CC we gave them to hold the room was declined - turned out that my CC company turned my card off as they didn't know we were traveling and they didn't want to approve the room hold they put on the card. In the meantime while I was trying to get this corrected my wife gave them her business CC but explained that the charges couldn't be put on that card - we were assured that this card wouldn't be billed and when we checked out we would be given an opportunity to place the bill on my CC. (We will come back to this.) When we arrived to our room, we unpacked just what we'd need for the night and my wife and son went out the sliding door to check out the beach. When they returned we decided we would head out for dinner. I went to lock the back door in this brand new room only to realize it was a very old door filled with holes and rust and that the door wouldn't lock (the lock was broken). That's great a ground floor room with access to the whole world and the locks broke. Obviously we couldn't leave as we had all of our stuff in the room and if you travel with kids or own a business you know there is electronics involved. We called down to the desk to inform them that the door was broke and they said they'd send someone up to fix it (2 hours later and 2 calls later no one) We finally just took everything with us and went to dinner. When we returned to the room the door still hadn't been fixed :( - at this point I was less than happy but figured we were moving out the following day so whatever - I jammed something in behind the door so it couldn't be opened while we slept and we went to bed. In the middle of the night I needed to use the restroom. While in the bathroom and in a place where I couldn't escape I saw a roach walk right between my feet and scurry to the wall. This was the last straw for me and it was only day one.... I only pick places that are clean when I stay anywhere as to avoid this very situation. The next morning I notified management about the lock never getting fixed and the bug issue. I got a we are sorry and we will address it right away. That's it. So we were off to the pool to wait for our room move. Funny the pool closest to our room was shutdown (turns out it was rented by a senior group for three days and was closed to the public) How does a beach resort not allow anyone to use their pool. So it was off to the new pool on the other side of the resort. Around 2pm I still hadn't heard anything. I walked up to the office and asked what was going on. No one seemed to have a clue when we'd get a room - they apologized for the delay and said it should be soon and that they would text us.- we stayed at the resort that day and lost a day of our vacation so we could make sure we moved our own stuff and because they lock in our room still hadn't been fixed. I didn't get a text to move rooms until 4pm that afternoon. After complaining about how the first 24 hours went at the front desk they gave us breakfast vouchers to use and for a moment I felt like they had understood we were upset. That night we left for dinner and when we returned I couldn't believe my eyes there was absolutely NO PARKING. I couldn't understand how this was possible. We drove up and down every aisle in the entire resort and there was nothing after about 20 min of driving around I let my family out and drove to the office to find out what was going on. I was informed it was saturday night and that there was weddings in the venue and that's why there was no parking - I said so where am I supposed to put my car? I was told to drive around to the outside of the resort where the car rental company was and that they had an understanding with them that their lot could be used for overflow.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME $350 a night and I am parking off resort and walking across the entire resort to my room!! WTF. Well at least it was a nice night for a walk right. The next morning we awoke and decided to use our breakfast before heading out for the day. We arrived at the breakfast buffet stood their for a while and after no one seated us we seated ourselves... needless to say the food was mediocre at best most of it was frozen and not thawed out before serving and the service was horrid we ate quickly and left - so much for a free meal that was supposed to be an apology for our troubles. When we returned from a day our and about and from dinner that evening it was pouring (typical FL thunderstorms) Again we found no parking but this time I wasn't about to walk across the entire resort in the pouring rain and crazy lightning. I let my family our and I went and parked in front of checkin at the main office, went in and sat down. When asked if I could be helped I answered no just waiting out the rain since there's no parking - the guy at the desk apologized and said it's always like this on weekends and told me to go ahead and park in the staff spots next to his car. That I could walk back under the covered hallways from there. So we did - he also gave me vouchers for another free breakfast for my trouble... I told him I really didn;t want them as the buffet wasn't that great and he informed me that breakfast the next day would be at one of the other restaurants as the buffet was closed so we took them. The next morning we woke up to find the front of our room by the door completely flooded - I opened the door to find the hallway outside our room pitched the wrong way and a huge puddle of water outside - I jumped over it and then my wife hand my son to me so he could get over. I stopped at the front desk to inform them and they said they'd take care of it we went to breakfast and used the second set of vouchers before leaving for a fishing trip we had booked. This breakfast experience wasn't much better... when the food came half of it was great and half was ice cold like it was just sitting out (eggs & bacon) - I informed our server who got us new food and informed the manager - she was very nice and offered to comp our meal I explained to her it already was and she apologized again and gave us free drink vouchers. My son and I left for fishing and my wife and other son stayed to hit the pool. When we returned from fishing (11am ish) the puddle in front of the rooms was still there and so was something else that was new... and in front of every room. On a 95 degree day all of the garbage in the resort was just left sitting out in front of every room - No biggie i thought someone will come around and collect it all but to my surprise that didn't happen till almost 6pm. Hot steamy garbage in 95 degree heat for 7 hours - want to know where the roaches come from. (see pictures below) The rest of the trip continued in this manner, poor cleaning of rooms, a disgustingly dirty pool by weeks end (hey swore it was cleaned everyday but the toy that opened up in the pool on monday still had pieces floating on the following friday), it was just never ending with this place and through all this and all the calls to the front desk etc no one ever asked If I wanted to speak to a supervisor so at checkout I did just that because I was so upset. When I asked I was told no one was in - I knew this had to be impossible it was 7:50am on a very busy check out check in day in season I said what time do they come in I was told 8:00am I said go find him he's here no one comes in at exactly 8am if they hold that position in the company and low an behold out walked the operations manager. He asked what was wrong and I informed him of all of the above plus a few additional smaller things... he apologized and promised to get to the bottom of this for me. I informed him he wasn't to bill my card until he contacted me (we had a plane to catch) with the resolution since he needed to talk to the GM. He agreed but said he would have to refund what was already charged and that's when I lost it... I said what do you mean he said well when you hit a certain threshold we charge the card on file... I went back and explained to him what happened and what we had been told about cards on check in and I told him that he absolutely couldn't charge that card. He agreed to refund the amount already charged and not charge the balance until we spoke. I gave him the card number he could charge and asked him to make sure he fixed the problem... he assured me he would. 5pm that evening I received a call - they offered me a $20 credit for my troubles... and I nearly lost my mind - I told him I'd call him back and immediately contacted the resort and asked for the GM directly who amazingly enough was there to speak to me. He had no idea any of this had gone on... I said I'm confused the operations manager said he needed to speak to you about what he would do for us... that never happened - the GM promised to call me back the next day as he was just leaving work - he didn't however he did call back 2 days later... he said he was just waiting on one more piece of information from his team but that he wanted to know if a $400 credit on our trip was satisfactory (It wasn't but at this point I figured we wouldn't be getting anything else) I said yes. Well It has been a few months and after continued calls and fighting with my wifes CC company (they ended up charging the full amount to her card and didn't refund or credit anything) The GM still hasn't called me back or issued any credits or refunds as he said he would. This resort is a bunch of crooks and the place is a hole - DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!!! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 2

Communication dfficult

Jan 16th, 2020

I still do not understand why businesses offer the option of communicating by email when they clearing have no intention of doing so. Attempted to phone Sirata numerous times to see if I could adjust the dates of my reservation and the call defaulted to each time to ‘leave a message.” When I finally received a message back it was not concerning the dates of my stay but was instead telling me that, even though I was paying a daily surcharge and extra cleaning fee, the room I booked was not available to travelers with a pet. Finally called Sirata at around 3am one morning. The very polite person I spoke with was unable to do anything with my reservation. This is a 24 hour business; they clearly need more people operating the phone bank, even if it’s just for the season. Ridiculous. Cancelled. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5


Jan 15th, 2020

Had an excellent time at the Sirata, the staff was extremely helpful and kind, in particular Kim in the main office, very friendly and helpful. Another staff member who's name I didnt catch but she worked in their cute gift shop helped my family and o get our towels for the pool, she was super sweet, very funny and efficient! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5


Jan 14th, 2020

My husband and I stayed here for our anniversary and we had an overall positive experience. All of the staff members were so friendly and the activities director did such a great job. The pools were nice hangout spots and we enjoyed the food and drinks from the beach restaurants. The beach was great too. We loved being able to use lounge chairs and the option of renting umbrellas/cabanas. This hotel is perfect for both families and couples! I would definitely recommend staying here for your St. Pete vacation :) TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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