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Guest Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3

Beautiful rooms and location

Jun 8th, 2020

Hotel is completely and beautifully restored following Hurricane Irma. The location also cannot be beat. The staff overall were pleasant and service was pretty good. However, the food component of the all-inclusive format was an extremely weak link--it was barely average and mostly cafeteria-like in nature, and I don't think the value for money would be acceptable at prices any higher than what I paid ($270/night). Plus, eating at any of the specialty restaurants (i.e. not at the buffet) required reservations which were impossible to obtain--all were pre-booked by longer-staying guests. We managed to snag one late-night reservation at "The Point" only because of another guest's last-minute no-show. When the 'hurricane recovery special' pricing expires and rates rise to their normal levels, the pricing won't be acceptable and one should just go to St. Barth's! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1

WARNING: Scammed out of thousands of dollars. Horrifying experience. Don’t trust this hotel!

Apr 29th, 2020

I’m sad to have to write this warning to anyone planning on visiting this resort in the near future. The previous reviews are correct, the photos they advertise online are NOT what the resort / rooms actually look like. My fiancé and I booked a Premiere Island View Room with what looked to be a stylish, condo style design. It was listed as being on a high floor (floor 6-10). The room looked NOTHING like the photos we saw online. The color scheme was COMPLETELY different, the furniture was different, the room was missing a couch, as well as other key pieces of furniture that were advertised. The room looked like a basic, Comfort Inn hotel room. It was also damp and the sheets felt wet. The TV only has 30 channels. It was not even on a high floor!! It was only on the 4th floor. We immediately went to the front desk and asked if a mistake was made. We showed photos of the room we had booked to the hotel staff and the hotel manager said he had been working at the hotel for a while and never saw a room like the one we purchased. After running around, wasting our precious vacation hours in search of someone to help resolve the situation, we were finally referred to a Sunwing supervisor. The supervisor was named Melody. She couldn’t do much to help us. She said the room we booked doesn’t exist. She told us that they need to update the website listing and that Sunwing gets all its photos from Sonesta. I quickly began to realize that we had been scammed into paying more for a basic room and the hotel, fully aware of the deceit, wasn’t going to do anything about it. Needless to say we were angry. I asked the supervisor if it was possible to pay for an upgrade to a suite. She called what appeared to be the hotel manager to inquire about the possibility. Before she could explain the entire situation, the manger cut her off and proclaimed in an extremely rude, obnoxious tone that “I am NOT giving THEM a suite”. We were both shocked and disgusted by the tone and regard the hotel had for us. I have stayed in hundreds of hotels over the past 2 years and have never been treated so poorly, especially seeing as how the hotel is at fault for being blatantly complicit in scamming customers. We decided not to pay for an upgrade as we did not want to spend another penny on this scam of a hotel! We couldn’t even reach Sunwing about the issue. ALL of their numbers are DISCONNECTED! This hotel is clearly a cash grab type of set up. They take your money and if you happen to have a problem, there is no help! They do not care. When at fault, they will not go out of their way to accommodate you. It’s not worth the investment! What made matters worse is the hotel shares space with another, more luxurious resort named “Ocean Point”, that is owned by the same company. Sonesta really goes out of its way to make you feel inferior having paid to stay at Sonesta as opposed to Ocean Point. For example, the beach that straddles the resorts are only accessible via a narrow pathway that forks off in two directions. The left side of the pathway is a private walkway that can only be accessed by Ocean Point guests. It is a nice area that provides easy, safe access to the beach. Meanwhile, guests staying at Sonesta are FORCED to walk down a hazardous trail of dangerous, slippery, sharp rocks just to get to the beach! The pathway also had long, jagged pieces of rebar sticking out of broken pieces of cement. A child could easily seriously injure themselves on this. My fiancé and I ended up slipping twice and cutting up our legs and hands badly just trying to get to the beach. After two tries, we decided not to go to the beach anymore. It was just too dangerous. And if you dare try to cut through the private path, the security guards that Sonesta has guarding all the Ocean Point areas will man handle you out of the area! They don’t care that the Sonesta pathway is dangerous! The Ocean Point guests also get the best section of beach with lounge chairs. The Sonesta section of beach has no chairs! The point is to make sonesta guests feel inferior to the Ocean Point Guests. Also, the hotel claims to offer two pools when in fact, there is only one small pool for adults and a TINY kid pool. This pool is shared with Ocean Point guests (who also have about 4 other private pools at their disposal, but for some reason prefer to use the Sonesta pool) as well as guests who stay at a nearby timeshare. What this means is the hotel doesn’t provide enough seating by the pool for their guests. The pool is ALWAYS over crowded. So if you have dreams of laying by the pool, sipping pina coladas, you will be very disappointed. Unless you wake up at 5:00am to grab a lounge chair, you will NOT get a seat! (I’m not exaggerating! People were waking up at 5:00am to get seating. It was insane!!). And mind you, we went to this resort during low season!!!! We tried everyday, but only had a chance to use the pool one day out of the 7 we stayed at the resort. It was so depressing! It’s also important to note that the bars have a limited selection of alcohol and juice. So you can’t even get the most simplest drink. The Sonesta bars did not have the famous Guavaberry Rum on hand to make Sint Maarten’s national drink (The Guavaberry Pina Colada). But guess what? The Ocean Point bars did! Even though we were told by numerous Sonesta staff that we were allowed to go to the Ocean Point bars, the security guards rudely informed us that we could not. The only way we could try the Guavaberry Pina Colada was by buying the Guavaberry Rum from the Sonesta Gift Shop! Apparently the Ocean Point Guests had free range to visit (and use up) all the facilities that Sonesta has to offer. This includes the restaurants Sonesta has on site! Within the first hour of arriving at the hotel, my Fiance and I immediately went to book our restaurant reservation only to be told that they were full all week!! So we essentially were stuck eating the Buffet food every night! We decided to take matters into our own hands by bribing the staff members with money in order to secure tables at the restaurants. Which worked very well. They were able to sneak us in. The Sonesta bartenders even refused to make popular drinks like the “Bob Marley” because they did not want to go through the process of making it. They would give guests excuses such as “if I make one for you, every one will want one”. Edward, Derron, and Akeem (who worked at the lobby bar) were the only three bartenders who would make all the drinks customers would ask for. The bars are also short staffed (wait times are LONG). The buffet runs out of food quickly, so if you show up a little late, you won’t get any good food! The staff at this resort was for the most part very nice and helpful... Aside from a few problematic ones. On my 4th day at the resort, I unfortunately had a terrible incident with one of the male employees working at the towel bar. My fiancé and I went to pick up two towels. Somehow we got into a brief conversation with one of the attendants and my Fiancé ended up telling the guy that he doesn’t know how to swim. The guy then looked at me and told me that I need to teach my fiancée how to “swim”. I didn’t understand what he was referring to. After we both walked away, the male attendant made it a point to call me over (when I was alone) to explain in greater detail what he meant. He told me that I need to have my fiancé perform oral sex on me! I am not sure what made him feel comfortable telling me something like this. We didn’t initiate this kind of filthy conversation with him. I was outraged by his behaviour and told my fiancé about it. When my fiancé confronted the attendant about what he said, the guy told him “I was just trying to help you!”. We both complained to the manager. They suspended this employee, but offered no other compensation to us. Also, a caravan of buses was sent to the airport to pick up the arriving guests. The bus I was on looked very old and had large pieces of rusted metal jutting out into the aisle. I ended up getting stabbed by a piece of rusty metal. Thank god I was wearing a thick, layered dress because it prevented me from getting a huge gash on my skin. I was still bruised by it. My dress ended up getting a large tear. The Sunwing supervisor, Melody, offered to have it repaired. I agreed to the repair as all I wanted was for my dress to be fixed. One day later, Melody approached me while I was heavily intoxicated (a glass of alcohol on the table in front of me), with the dress in her hand and made me sign a document entitled " Customer Service Form". She told me that the form is a receipt for the repair of the dress. She told me that I could not have the dress unless I signed the form. I was too drunk to read or comprehend anything on the form, but I ended up signing it anyway.  The next day, I realized that the form has a clause in it that states it is a liability waiver that prevents me from suing the hotel for ANY reason for the entire duration of our stay. The supervisor tried to get my fiance to sign the legal liability release form as well. She lied to him and said that he is signing a form that says he is “happy for the upgrade” we received. We never received an upgrade! Nor did we receive a new room! We received nothing from the hotel! So what was she trying to get him to sign? She was trying to trick my Fiancé into signing away his rights to sue! How can someone be so evil? Thank god he refused to sign the paper. To add insult to injury, when I confronted Melody the next day about the lies she told me in order to get me to sign the contract, she flipped out and pretended to be a victim! She tried to convince me that the contract did not sign away my rights (even though the writing clearly said this!). Once she realized I wasn’t trusting her anymore, she tried to make me feel like I was crazy and ridiculous. She even told us that we should not go on any of the Sunwing excursions! If you see this woman at the resort, and she is in charge of settling any issues you may be having, do not trust her! Do not sign any documents she gives you! Make sure an attorney reads over everything! She looks innocent, but she is calculating and ruthless. She will lie to your face in order to get her way. I will NEVER stay at this hotel again. It was honestly not worth the money! From the lies, to the blatant disrespect and scams, it was an exhausting, stressful trip! I sincerely wish I would have went to Antigua instead. This hotel ruined my fiancé’s birthday celebrations. We spent our entire trip feeling miserable, scammed and angry. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 1

Do not use this hotel, find accommodations anywhere else in St. Maarten

Apr 28th, 2020

We, a group of 7 in total (inclusive of 3 young children), travelled to Sonesta Maho, St. Maarten back on 02/02/20. Within a few days of our arrival, each member of our group began to experience flu-like symptoms in a successive manner. All other reviews I have read during our travel period (02/02/20-02/09/20) 100% coincide with what we experienced. Our collective group only managed to enjoy 2 complete days of well being, with the remaining 5 being confined to our rooms, one by one. I am infuriated with the staff responses I have read, insinuating that only 2-4% of the guest roster during this time fell ill. That is completely false. On our 3rd day at the resort, I personally witnessed an older woman (60+) rush into the main lobby bathroom to uncontrollably vomit; to the extent, her husband raced in to ensure she was ok. We quickly learned there was a "Norovirus" outbreak rampant within the hotel. Upon our return, my intention was to file a formal complaint with both the hotel and Sunwing, for endorsing the hotel. I quickly learned that without confirmation of summoning a Dr. and providing accompanying paperwork, my efforts would be fruitless. As such, I did not bother with my complaint. Having now read Sonesta Maho's responses to other complainants that mirror our exact issues (essentially downplaying what actually occurred), I felt compelled to share our experience. I have many more examples, but in the interest of keeping this somewhat succinct (afraid I've already missed the mark on that one), I will stop at the above. In summary, I am disgusted with Sunwing for not forewarning us of our inevitability of getting sick during our vacation. I am additionaly outraged with Sonesta Maho for not acknowledging the problem, and essentially allowing vacationers to "walk into the Lion's den", so to speak. Pertaining to the actual resort and amenities, the resort itself was quite nice (as had been recently renovated due to the hurricane). The food options were indeed limited, as many prior guests have attested to. A majority of our meals were eaten at the buffet. Our first a la carte restaurant attempt (Italian); resulted with my 8 yo daughter vomiting that same evening, so we once again reverted back to the buffet. Bar options were ok, although, they frequently ran out of ingredients. The beachfront referenced on their website is completely false advertising. You cannot access the water directly from the resort. There was additional mention of a foul smell surrounding the children's pool, that s also accurate. A sewer smell was evident throughout most of our vacation, at various times of the day. The only highlight I had from this trip, would have been the massage I treated myself to. While the most expensive massage I have ever had (and we have travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean), I would say it was well worth it, as the Massage Therapist was excellent! We as a group have agreed that we will never travel with Sunwing again, nor do we hold fond memories of St. Maarten, which is unfortunate, as the island itself is truly beautiful. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Outstanding Customer Service

Apr 8th, 2020

After being evicted from a luxury property due to the Pandemic we ended up on the doorstep of this hotel, frightened with no where else to go. They gave us a lovely room and ensured that there was food available and we had a place to sleep until we could get a flight back to Canada, five days later. My husband and I will be forever gratelful. We were treated so well in a time when no one really knew what was going on. A big thank you to the Manager and his staff who went above and beyond to ensure that we were safe. I would give you ten stars if I could. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3

Decent hotel but no real beach

Apr 3rd, 2020

My family and I recently stayed 4 nights at The Sonesta Maho hotel. It was right as the COVID outbreak was occurring. I have to say that the hotel did a nice job doing as much as they could to keep the patrons safe. I applaud them for that. This trip made me realize that I will not do an all inclusive again. It just isn't worth it. We did it because we have 3 teenage boys who eat a lot and thought it would be beneficial, but the quality and choices were just not there. It was fun to cook your meal on the hot rock and it was pretty tasty. The point restaurant was the best one we tried. But lunch was not exciting. Its a small place so there just isn't much to do. They have a lot of activities listed but we found that we ended up off site much of the time. It is a short walk to the famous beach with the airplanes That was fun to see. But the hotel itself really doesnt have a beach that you can hang out on and relax because when its high tide there is no beach at all. We ended up walking to a public beach just down the road and renting chairs and umbrellas. One day we rented scooters and explored the island. The rooms were fine- I had no complaints at all about the rooms. We as a family would just prefer to eat at some local restaurants and try some yummy local food. Our mistake. So- overall its a decent hotel- just not for us. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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