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Ones Dudes Journey to Brush Creek Ranch

Jan 22nd, 2020

I was looking for an “out of the box” vacation for the summer. I’ve done the “beach thing” before and while the beach is always fun, wanted a little bit of a change. I had heard a few friends over the years mention Dude Ranch Vacations, so I began to research about it. Found out that there are Dude Ranches all over the west in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and other areas. I’ve been to Colorado before, so that was out. When I think Dude Ranch first state that comes to head is Montana, but soon enough I realized Wyoming is an amazing place as well for these sorts of experiences. After researching websites for a few hours, and comparing the offers and facilities of several ranches, I found one that stood out from the rest. Brush Creek Ranch was the ranch that seemed to check all of the boxes. The reason I chose Brush Creek Ranch though was that they offered the most activities, it was an intimate and high end property, it was all inclusive, and located in Wyoming, a state I had not visited before. It just so happened that they were running a special for the “Independence Week.” for the 4th of July, too many stars aligned, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Finally, the day arrived!! As we entered the main gate, we were greeted by two polite, and friendly young ladies that asked for our names and about our reservation. Once they verified, we were in the right place, they escorted us to the main lodge area for check in. The drive into the property was beautiful, lined with large rock formations and rolling hills. We pulled up to the entrance and was greeted by a concierge, Tiago, along with two luggage and valet staff members. We made our way into the lodge, checked in, and got the tour of the lodge. Tiago told us more about the resort, the amenities, and where and when the meals happened. Luggage was delivered to the room, so the fact that it was in the second floor and a bit of a walk was not even an issue. We entered the room and were pleasantly surprised by several gifts laid out on the bed. There were T-shirts, water containers, Chapstick, sunscreen and various nick knacks. (This was the first of many classy touches we would experience during the week). There was a good size closet, a nice bathroom and two Queen beds. There was also a Keurig coffee maker, a combination safe and a comfy armchair in the corner. The decorations were very country/ lodge feeling with cool old pictures and various baskets and décor items to accentuate the rustic vibe. The room had good wi-fi signal and NO TV! This was awesome and it turned out we did not miss it at all during our visit. We received our luggage, tipped the bellhop and unpacked our bags. We were just in time for dinner, so we made our way to the “Chuck Wagon” food pavilion. This is where most lunches were served. It happened to be that the ranch was having a BBQ competition that night with all of the ranch divisions. As we sampled the food, we got to meet other guests. While the food was being tasted a bluegrass, duet was playing live music, with a banjo, a violin, and their voices. The atmosphere was amazing! The next morning, we woke up and made our way down to the lodge for breakfast before the first activity session started at 9am. The breakfast spread was superb. After a great breakfast we made our way to the activities barn. This location is where you meet for the two different activity session each day. The sessions start at 9am and 2pm each day. Our first activity was a private a horseback ride. We were greeted by the Wranglers at the barn, then everyone doing horseback riding for that session got into a wagon and we were all taken down to the horse stables. Katie, the lead wrangler introduced herself and we got a selfie with her!! We lined up according to skill level and we were introduced to our guide. Our wranglers for the day were Jamie and Chloe. They helped us on the horses, and we started walking towards the trial. The wranglers were giving us tips and correcting our form and tuning up our riding throughout the trial. We went through. Few gates and headed up hill to a beautiful vista where we took several pictures. The views were amazing! We headed back down hill and they let us trot some and then we headed back to the stables. This was an awesome first ride! We loaded up into the wagon and headed back to the lodge to freshen up and have lunch. We sat around and relaxed for a bit and then it was time to head to the next activity. We arrive at the archery Yurt then, the guides outfitted us with our protection gear and compound bows. They allowed us to rest, fire the bows, and dial in the sites to our liking. The course was a 3D course so there were life size animal targets that you shot at. After we were done, we put the gear away and loaded back up into the Polaris and took the fun and bumpy road back to the ranch. The next morning, for the first session, we did Level 2 horseback ride, we had a great group, we gathered, were transported to arena and made our way out onto the property. We climbed a good size hill, throttle for a little, and made our way to another overlook on the top of a hill. Great photo opportunity! Once we were done with the session, we rode back to the stables and rode the wagon back to the lodge for lunch. The second activity session was something special that was only done during “Independence Week”, mounted shooting!! We went down to the rodeo ring. There was an extremely kind and nice family that had trained the horses so that they would not get spooked from the sound of gunfire. The ring course consisted of orange cones, sticks and balloons. They also supplied each rider with two six shooter pistols. The instructors did a demonstration and showed us how the course worked. We ended the session, jumped into the wagon and headed back to the room to change and get ready for the offsite dinner and concert event at The Farm. The Farm is BCR newest addition. It’s a 5-star event facility featuring a large ballroom, greenhouse, restaurant, wine cellar and whisky vault! We boarded the sprinter vans and made our way to this premier location. When we arrived, we were taken on a tour of the greenhouses to see how they plant and grow the food that they serve us farm to table. The greenhouses were a state-of-the-art and it was amazing to see how fresh everything we were eating was. We even got to eat tomatoes’ off the vines on the tour, yummy! After the greenhouse tour they drove us in Polaris vehicles to the front door of The Farm, there we were greeted with drinks, music, and a spread buffet that was out of this world. There were various staff members giving guests tours of the facility. We walked along one and saw all of the areas of the farm, we were in awe the whole time, this place was amazing! After the tours and food, we made our way to the ballroom where there was a concert by Runway June! They were very enthusiastic and joyful, so we danced the night away! The next morning, we woke up, and boy we were tired but had to get a good breakfast as we were about to embark on a full day horseback ride!! We fueled up and made our way to the activities barn where we met our Wranglers Cody and Garrett. They loaded us up in a private truck, with the horses on the trailer behind, and took us to the Sanger Ranch area in Brush Creek. Not many guests get to experience this part of the ranch as its where the owners Bruce and Beth White have their own personal ranch estate. As we arrived to the departure point, they unloaded the horses off the trailers, saddled us up and we started our journey into the wilderness. We rode uphill to the top of the area where we overlooked a huge river and sprawling valleys! As we were riding, Cody and Garrett told us to look for “sheds” this is where the wild deer rub their antlers off each spring and leave them laying on the ground. As we rode down into the valley, we spotted some “sheds” and then a few more! This was “cowboy crack” as they call these antlers were so cool! We made our way to the bottom of the valley down by the river and there we had a great picnic lunch! After lunch we stood by the river and threw rocks into the water and took the horses over to drink. We mounted back up and headed off to the next area of the ride. As we made our way through the rocky area, we found even more “sheds.” Cody and Garrett explained to us that we were lucky because most people don’t find one and we were up to around 5 or 6. We even had a few “pairs” which are both left and right-side sheds from the same animal. Cool stuff! As we got to an uphill little gorge, we asked if we could run the horses. The wranglers said yes so, we all secured our items and took off up the hill. We got the horses up to a full gallop and man what a feeling! We ran for a good bot and then slowed things back down to a walk and made our way around and back through a marshy area in front of the owner’s estate. We all gazed at the massive home in awe and also enjoyed riding through the tall grass. We made our way back to the horse trailer where we laid out our “sheds” and stood happy with our bounty. After six hours on horseback, we quickly understood the meaning of saddle sore! This was a full day ride, so we headed back to the lodge and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon. That evening there was a lobster broil and we ate lobster and steak as the sun went down. After dinner and a stop into the saloon for a nightcap, we promptly returned to our room for some much-needed sleep. We woke up the next day and it was the 4th of July!! This was a very special day at BCR not only because it’s our Independence Day but it’s also the day with all the fun extra-activities!! Paintball was the adventure for our morning for us! We got geared, split into teams and then brought into the paintball cabin. Equipment was top-notch (to our standards; which are not low but not pro either). Coveralls, jerseys, pads, chest protectors, helmets and face masks. The guns were also top notch with a large paintball holder for lots of ammo! We walked to the back area behind the lodge where they had a paintball ring roped off. The ring had rocks, elevations, trees, barrels, bunkers and various other terrain features. We split into two teams and the game was on!! Of course, with all the teenagers and the video games these days, the present kids were very well prepared and surprisingly good. They took me out but not before I got a few of them first! The second activity we had planned was the ropes course. This was a wood built three level ropes course. The guides hooked us into the belay system, and we made our way through the course. There is a two-line safety system that allows you to navigate throughout the course from obstacle to obstacle clipping in and out to get to the next feature. This experience was really cool, we enjoyed it a lot. We traveled back to the lodge, went to the room and got ready for the July 4th cookout. We all had red, white and blue clothes to wear so we dressed for the occasion and headed out to the event. They took us in Polaris down to the Creek, where the cookout took place. Upon arrival we got a chip to vote for the best decorated door and golf cart. As we walked to the event, they were doing cattle roping, axe throwing, archery and had a covered wagon for pictures. Like always they were serving drinks and hand passed bites. A band was playing bluegrass songs and the atmosphere was excellent. The cookout was a full spread of meats, veggies, side and fixings. We ate, drank and were very, very merry; then it was time to head back to the lodge for the fireworks show! We rode back on the Polaris and got ourselves a cozy spot on the grass near the lodge; grabbed some blankets and there we were, ready for the show. I have seen many fireworks shows before, but this was one of the best. I believe the fact that we were so close but did not feel overwhelmed by the fireworks loud noise; and it seemed they were exploding right over us, helped a lot. Or maybe it was the entire atmosphere, environment and company around. The show lasted about fifteen minutes, great music track accompanied the display, and it was truly a magnificent day and experience. Worn out again, we headed to the room to fall face down in the bed and sleep, after a night cap of course in the saloon! Next morning, hearty breakfast and back to the activities barn for our morning of shooting! We were shuttle out to the BCR range where we were introduced to our shooting instructors for the day. After a safety briefing, getting our guns and heading to our positions, we started with the clays course and man that was fun. They were coming from the left, right, up and down. This was a lot of fun! After we completed the clay course, we headed for the target shed. Here we shot pistols and long-range rifles. We hit a good bot of the targets on the range; and to me this was super fun, and one of the highlights of the trip. After lunch that afternoon, we headed to Medicine Bow national forest to rip up some 4x4 ATV’s through the woods. They geared us up again and put us on the ATV’s; this was 2.5 hr. ride through the forest. There were hills, mud pits, steep inclines, technical and rocky areas, open stretches and a few humps and jumps! A highlight was getting to the top of the main hill in the forest and seeing another spectacular elevated view of the beautiful state of Wyoming! Muddy and wet, we went back to the lodge to shower, relax and get ready for the Rodeo and carnival in the evening. Dinner that evening was at the rodeo ring under a big top tent. There was a full spread yet again full of meats and veggies and various other foods. Something for everyone to enjoy. Inside the tent there were carnival games for all of the children, and adults! The prizes were cool hats and various other toys and BCR branded items. They also had gift shop certificates as prizes which was a great option for the picky ones. After dinner we all made our way to the grandstands to watch the rodeo. Maintaining its first-class style, BCR had blankets on the stands and also offer passed concessions for all of the ranch guests. In the spirit of community, BCR also invited the local towns folks to attend the rodeo as well. The rodeo opened with an amazing celebration of the USA and the national anthem. Then the fun began, there was bull riding, bucking Broncho riding and barrel racing. Of course, the rodeo clown as a hit and kept the event moving along. After the rodeo, we went to the room and passed out from an excellent day and evening! We woke up to our last day at the ranch. This was a happy but sad day as we knew our amazing adventure was starting to come to an end. With all of the physical activities that we experienced during the week, our old but young bodies were demolished; it was time for a massage! My son wanted to do the level 4 horseback riding so after a good breakfast we headed to the activities barn, dropped him off and headed out to the spa! The massage we booked was called the Teepee experience. This was a two-hour meditation-based spirit cleansing massage. The therapists loaded us into an SUV and took us to the Spa Teepee located in the valley about 5 minutes from the lodge. These were traditional Teepee’s with open roof tops. The interior of the Teepee was comfortable and cozy with Native American featured décor, and two massage tables with accompanying spa items for the treatment. When we entered the Teepee, we were told about the Journey we were about to embark on, and then we were asked to undress to our comfort and get under the covers on the table. The therapists left, we got undressed and ready; and then they came back in and started the treatment. First, they lit a bundle of sage and conducted a spirit cleansing over our bodies with the burning sage. Then, after the sage treatment, the meditation-based pressure massage begun. The therapist conducted verbal mediation and relaxing techniques. As they told us to relax certain areas, they would put pressure on that area, this was really cool as it made the meditation and body relaxing pressure touches be in synch and created an ultimate state of calm and relax. Once relaxed the traditional deep pressure massage began. The therapists were awesome. That is saying a lot because we get a lot of massages and are not easy to impress. I even fell asleep and had an out of body experience at one point. After the treatment concluded we relaxed for a bit and then got up and made our way back to the lodge happy, calm, and like mush, ha! We went and sat in the courtyard and just took in the air, nature and the wonderful atmosphere. Lunch was awesome and then we went to our last activity for the trip, Fly fishing. The fly-fishing activity has its own building and team. There is also a great store that has a lot of great fly-fishing clothes, gear and accessories. Upon arrival to the building, they geared us up with high quality overall waders and fishing boots. Fly rods were also provided as well as all the nets, flies and accessories needed for the adventure. We loaded up into the Polaris trucks and went to Brush Creek to give our luck a try at catching some fish. At the creek, the guides gave us a fly rod tutorial and instruction lesson on how to cast and maneuver the rod. None of us had been fly fishing before so this was new territory. They made it easy to understand and we were headed upriver in no time looking for “holes.” We fished several spots along the river and ended up catching six fish during our time on river. My son ended up catching one of the largest fish of the week! We all really like this adventure and will be doing this again in the future. Back at the room we started to pack and get ready for our departure the next day. We were all talking about how much fun the week was and how it was the best trip ever! We got all packed up and got ready for the last nights closing dinner evening events. Dinner that night was in the lodge dining room and it was an assigned tables dinner. This was a seated served dinner. Most of the families sat together and had smiles from ear to ear happy from the week and its adventures. All of the management staff made their way from table to table thanking the guests and talking with them about their week. Yet another classy touch! After dinner there was a closing event in which the weeks awards were given for all of the activity accomplishments, best decorated door, best decorated golf cart and a variety of other fun and funny awards. There was also a highlight video that was filmed all week during our stay. This great video was set to music and highlighted all of the experience we all had during Independence week at BCR! After the awards presentation we made our way to the saloon along with the majority of the other guests that were there all week. We all had drinks, played pool, darts and sang Karaoke until late into the evening! The next morning, we awoke, had our last spectacular breakfast. The staff helped us get our luggage loaded gave us a fond farewell and we went on our way back to Denver to catch our flight home. As we drove out, we were sad to be leaving but at the same time, we all had full hearts. Another gift from BCR. We decide to drive back a different way than we had arrived. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery on the drive out. This was the final gift that our BCR adventure gave us. Looking back, this was the best experience I have ever had. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Awesome Ranch Experience

Oct 7th, 2019

My wife and I brought my 70 year old mother, 16 year old, 12 year old and 10 year old for a 3 night stay at the The Lodge at Brush Creek. My only complaint is that I wish we had stayed longer! Everything was spectacular from the activities, to the food, to the accommodations. Rooms were comfortable and very nicely decorated. The majority of Activities were arranged with just our family and the guide(s) — making it feel very exclusive. The cattle drive was the only activity in which we were combined with other people — which actually made the experience better since you have to herd a couple hundred cattle (make sure you select this activity). The staff was extremely accommodating and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Everyone had a smile and seemed like they really enjoyed being there. Management was engaged and checked in with us each day - asking if there was anything we needed. Food was very good and plenty of it. Breakfast was complete with omelet station and plenty of other selections. Lunch varied by day and was always good. We ate at the Farm on two occasions — had our share of wagyu steaks. You will never be hungry during your stay! The grounds are beautiful with plenty of “free time” activities for the kids from a rec center with games and basketball court to a climbing wall. The younger kids enjoyed every second of our trip. I highly recommend Brush Creek to anyone considering a Wyoming Ranch vacation. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3


Sep 27th, 2019

This is a joke as you pay that amount of money and they want extra to do any of the more advanced horse rides, the spa treatment, gun shooting, and other things. For the prices they charge this should all be included. All you’re really paying for is a service of people. Sure you get some cocktails and wine but come on for these prices it is not right. The rich and famous come here as they make it sound like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All you have to do is go out in the countryside and you can get the same view for free. If you really know the bio diversity of the grazing lands around this area you would know that it’s been overgrazed. They try and tell you how they’re running the special herd of cows, which that’s fine but do proper grazing. Spending 40 years in the field and helping farmers and ranchers learn how to graze grasses and other species correctly I would sure expect more of a place that claims to be so environmentally concerned. Almost all the people working here are from back East and have no clue what the real West and the environment should look like. They’ve learned what they know from Books and don’t understand the real West. Sad to say a huge corporation like this and they really don’t give a darn. There are ecological site descriptions which would help them understand the grasslands in this area. I’ll get off my bandwagon now, just know these are the facts and those folks don’t really understand or know what it should look like. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Fantastic Experience!

Sep 23rd, 2019

One of the best resorts I have ever been to! So much great stuff to do, fantastic staff, food, etc. perfect for families! Fly Fishing, mountain biking, unlimited target shooting, truly world-class! I would give this resort my highest recommendation! TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 5

Unforgettable holiday

Aug 29th, 2019

Brush Creek Ranch gets everything right - the activities, accommodation, food & wine on offer are of the highest quality. The Farm is not to be missed! Some amazing people work at BCR, too many to name, who made our stay unforgettable. We were sad to leave but we'll definitely be back. TRIPADVISOR.COM USER 

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