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Best Times to Visit Innsbruck

The best times to visit Innsbruck are in the summer and the long winter. This is a winter-sport enthusiast's paradise: The rates are cheaper here at that time of year than at other skiing destinations of comparable size (see OlympiaSkiWorld Innsbruck). In the summer, visitors comfortably stroll around Old Town and enjoy extended hours at the best attractions. Fall is the cheapest time to visit, but you'll obviously miss out on all the excitement of winter or the gorgeous scenery of summer.

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Many visitors prefer seeing Innsbruck in the shade of its snowy mountains. Snowfall is expected from December into April, although it can come earlier and stay just a bit later. Also keep in mind that the weather in downtown Innsbruck can be different (usually warmer) than that in the mountain towns, where the ski resorts perch. Be sure to check the weather and road conditions before you head to a destination in the mountains. From the beginning of the season until the end of February, hotel rates and lift tickets will be at their peak. If you're looking for a good deal, stick to March and early April.

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Skipping spring, Innsbruck warmly greets summer. With usual daily highs in the 70s, tourists are out in force along Maria-Theresa Strasse, snapping photos of everything they see in the sunlight. Nights can be chilly, so bring a light jacket. Avoid the summers if you're on a tight budget. Still, you could save by booking a short visit where your days are crammed with more activities; the sun won't set until after 9 p.m. in July and August.

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Fall is the true low season. Although the mountains, flushed with fall colors, will look beautiful, the temperatures are unattractive enough to detour sightseers and not cold enough to bring the all-important snow for powder hounds. Prices will be low, but so will your enthusiasm after visiting a very sleepy Innsbruck.

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