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Best Times to Visit Johannesburg

The best times to visit Johannesburg are from March to May and September to November. During these low season months, crowds lessen, prices drop and the weather is relatively warm and dry. Keep in mind, though, that Jo'burg's Southern Hemisphere location means its winter starts in June and lasts through August, while summer runs from December to February. As a result, the region's high season, which is defined by large crowds and high prices, occurs during the summer months (America's winter). But once temperatures start to fall in March, the city clears out and hotel and flight rates drop, making winter an ideal time to explore Jozi on a budget.

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Summertime is when Johannesburg sees the most tourism, with visitors looking to enjoy warmer weather during the Northern Hemisphere's winter season. To ensure hotel availability, book your accommodations months in advance, especially during the holidays. Expect temperatures to hover in the mid-50s to high 70s. And remember to pack an umbrella since the wet season also falls during this time.

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Jozi's autumn is ideal for those hoping to avoid cooler winter temperatures but don't want to deal with regular summertime rain. Additionally, lower airfare and room rates mean travelers can often save some coin during this time. Temperatures can go as high as the mid-70s or dip into the mid-40s during the latter part of the season, so pack a mix of warmer and cooler attire.

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Even though temperatures can get a bit chilly at times in Jo'burg's winter season, visitors can score budget-friendly airfare and room rates, all without sacrificing beautiful weather. Keep in mind, though, that direct flights between Jozi and the U.S. aren't offered as frequently during the low season, so you'll want to book your flights a few months in advance. And once you land in Jo'burg, expect temperatures to range from the low 40s to low 60s. You should be able to leave the umbrella behind, though, since Johannesburg winters bring little to no rainfall.

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Like autumn, Johannesburg's spring season offers lower rates and comfortable temperatures. While the earlier months are dry and cool at times, in the late spring expect to ditch the jacket and bring an umbrella for Jozi's warmer, rainy days. For the most part, temperatures will range from the high 50s to the mid-70s.

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