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Best Times to Visit Newport

The best time to visit Newport is between March and May and from September to November. In May (the end of the spring season) and September (the start of the autumn season), mild temperatures and few rain showers mean you'll have ideal weather for exploring the city's famous mansions. Plus, you'll avoid summer's swarms of tourists and high hotel rates. Once wintertime rolls around, expect chilly temperatures and plenty of snow. But if you can weather the low temps, you'll be rewarded with Newport's best hotel deals.

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Winter temperatures in Newport hover between the low 20s and mid-40s. Because of its freezing temperatures and prevalence of snow, exploring this coastal New England city during winter is not ideal. However, Newport's low season also means cheaper hotel and airfare rates, making it a great time for budget-conscious travelers to visit. Remember to pack warm clothes if you decide to travel this time of year.

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Though you'll still find chilly temperatures at the start of Newport's spring season, by May, averages fall between the high 40s and low 60s. A visit in late spring will also mean you'll miss early spring's abundance of rain and summer's large crowds and expensive accommodations prices. Make sure to bring an umbrella and some warmer attire, though, since the occasional cold front or rain storm could still pass through at the end of the season.

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Higher temperatures make summer a popular time to visit Newport. But with tons of tourists and the East Coast's humidity, summer can quickly turn pricey and uncomfortably hot. To combat the heat, pack lighter clothes and drink plenty of water. Also, keep an eye on the Newport tourism board's last-minute deals and getaway packages for a chance to save some money on accommodations and attractions.

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Like other New England cities, Newport's autumn season is beautiful thanks to its picturesque fall foliage. Temperatures, though, can drop into the 30s by the time November rolls around. The likelihood of rain also increases in November. To avoid less-than-ideal conditions for exploring iconic attractions like the Marble House and The Breakers, plan on visiting in September. You'll find cheaper hotel prices, which start to drop after Newport's summer season, and fewer tourists as well.

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