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Best Times to Visit Prague

The best times to visit Prague are the spring and early fall when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Because of the city's generally chilly climate, the warmer summer months (average high temperatures hover in the low to mid-70s) see the largest influx of tourists – which means higher hotel rates. The spring and early fall, however, offer clear skies, highs ranging from the mid-50s to the upper 60s and much lower room rates. Prague also shines during the festive Christmas season but be warned that the city sees a fair amount of snow and highs don't rise above the mid-30s. 

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Spring is beautiful in Prague: The weather is mild and the summer tourists have yet to arrive. You'll find plenty of reasonably priced hotels in or near the city center, but consider booking at least two weeks in advance. Weather-wise, you can expect temperatures to rest anywhere from the mid-40s to the mid-60s. However, although the days are growing longer and warmer, don't underestimate the power of wind chill; cooler breezes can make it feel as though it's in the 30s. Make sure to pack layers.

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Highs in the 70s and dry sunny weather make for a great sightseeing atmosphere. However, you're going to be fighting for space at the hotels, restaurants, cafes … pretty much everywhere. Thousands flock to Prague in summer seeking spectacular views at a low price (compared to the rest of Europe). If you're hoping for a no-hassle trip, now's not the time to visit: it is festival season, meaning you'll need to make reservations at least a month in advance.

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Autumn is another desirable time to visit Prague. You can expect average highs to range anywhere between the mid-60s and the low 40s, so plan to pack warmer clothes. Also, while autumn is not nearly as popular as summer, it's still a good idea to book two or three weeks in advance.

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It takes a brave traveler to embark upon Prague in the wintertime. However, there are perks: The city is practically free of tourists, meaning you won't encounter very many lines at top attractions, and hotel prices are as low as the temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, average highs around this time rest in the mid-30s, although they often drop into the 20s. Keep in mind: December is one of Prague's busier months thanks to the ample amount of holiday decor and celebrations.

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