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Getting Around Puerto Plata

The best way to get around Puerto Plata is by taxi. They're cheap – your average ride costs about 150 to 250 pesos ($3 to $5) – and drivers are willing to bargain to an even lower price. Minibuses are another popular (and negotiable) way to get around and can get you as far as Sosúa, a town east of Puerto Plata on the coast. Rental cars, although expensive, are available from the three major airports: Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP) is about 10 miles east of central Puerto Plata, the Las Américas International Airport (SDQ) is around 100 miles southeast and the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is about 150 miles southeast. Uber is also available in Puerta Plata, saving you the hassle of trying to explain your destination if you don't understand Spanish.

On FootWalking is easily the cheapest way to get around, especially if you're staying near the beach or at an all-inclusive resort. But if you're staying farther out or if you plan on taking daytrips, you should probably take a taxi or bus.

If you're taking a daytrip or traveling from one of the more distant airports, rent a car. Travelers who plan on sticking to the beach should pass on the unnecessary hassle. Driving should come with a healthy dose of bravery and a proficient understanding of Spanish to read the street signs. Not only that, but side streets are in poor shape and the local driving habits can be aggressive.


Taxis are available throughout Puerto Plata; they can easily be found in the central plaza and most fares will cost you around 270 pesos (about $5). It's a good idea to negotiate the fare before entering a cab, especially if accepting a ride from an unmarked taxi. For many tourists, Uber is the most convenient option, especially if you're not confident in your Spanish language skills.

MotoconchosA ride to Playa Dorada costs less than 25 pesos (less than $1) if you take the popular motoconchos, or motorbike taxis, which are also found in the central plaza. But these drivers rarely provide helmets for passengers (though they are required by law to do so), so we recommend sticking to the taxi cabs.
MinibusesPrivately owned minibuses operate routes between Puerto Plata's central plaza and Playa Dorada, and some all the way to Sosúa. This is a pretty cheap way to get around – fares start at about 130 pesos (about $2.25) – but with no set schedule, it can also be unreliable. If you choose to travel by bus, make sure you have coins or small bills to pay your fare. You'll also want to tell the driver or conductor your desired destination upon boarding.

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