Luquillo Beach (Balneario de Luquillo)

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The resort beaches along Condado or Isla Verde are beautiful, but if you tire of the same old scenery, take a 30-mile drive east along Route 3 to Luquillo Beach. Families flock to this shore for its reef-protected calm waves, and you'll also see a lot of daytrippers fresh from a jaunt in the nearby El Yunque National Rainforest.

Recent vacationers agreed that Luquillo wasn't crowded, but they offered differing reports on its cleanliness. Some travelers say that the beach is dirty, there's garbage strewn across the sand and the on-site changing rooms and bathrooms are not well kept. Others report that the beach is clean and one of the prettiest beaches they've ever visited.  

There's a small fee to park at Luquillo, plus a $1 fee to use the bathrooms (which includes access to the changing rooms and showers). You'll find local food vendors nearby at the famous Luquillo kiosks.

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