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Housed in a medieval hospital, the Archaeological Museum's architecture alone makes it a must-see attraction. The original structure, the Hospital of the Knights, was built in the 15th century by the traveling crusaders. After traversing the echoing arcades and ancient courtyards, one traveler on TripAdvisor exclaims: "This place is amazing! It gives me goose bumps but in a positive way." 

Still, reviews of the museum itself are a mixed bag. The contents are presented in a rather jumbled fashion and the collection appears a bit random. Jewelry, pottery, metal objects, funeral slabs, mosaic floors and marble sculpture from Hellenistic, Roman and medieval times are all on display together.

Despite the museum's lack of organization and consistency, recent travelers describe it as a crucial part of the Rhodes experience and a necessary pit stop when roaming Rhodes Town. And for only €3 EUR (or about $5 USD), this museum is a steal.

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Start your tour of Rhodes Town at the top: from the top of city walls, that is, where you can snap photos of this well-preserved medieval city's harbor, rooftops, fortifications and moat. Then begin strolling the city streets, where you'll find shops, inns, bars and restaurants housed in the same thick stone of the 14th century. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Rhodes Town hosts some beautiful structures recalling days gone by. Its Palace of the Grand Master and Archaeological Museum are the two most popular attractions, but you should also swing by the Street of Knights, an unforgettable thoroughfare with its low arches and cobblestone way. The southeastern Old Jewish Quarter is a tight network of cafés surrounding the beautiful Kahal Shalom Synagogue. Nearby, the Süleymaniye Mosque reminds onlookers of the Ottoman Empire's vast dominion in this region of the world.

An user remembers: "It's a wonderful feeling when you see actual historical relics coexisting w/ the hustle & bustle of modern times. It's like being in a time travel warp!"

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