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You wouldn't be able to miss this attraction even if you tried. La Concha Beach (named after its seashell shape) is located a stone's throw away from Parte Vieja. Situated southwest of Parte Vieja, the beach stretches about a mile wide and offers spectacular views of Monte Urgull, Monte Igueldo and Santa Clara Island, as well as the beautiful architecture that borders La Concha Promenade. This promenade, famous for its decorative, white wrought iron barrier, is a gateway to other points of interest in the city, including Parte Vieja and Miramar Palace, as well as a few beachside parks. 

Travelers and experts agree that La Concha Beach is incredible and shouldn't be missed. Even if you're visiting during the cooler months, a stroll along the picture-perfect shoreline is a must. Visitors also appreciated how well-maintained the beach was: Travelers say the sands were clean and the water crystal clear. And considering the beach experiences fewer waves than the nearby Zurriola Beach, the setting makes La Concha a great option for families. Keep in mind, though, that during the warmer months, the shoreline becomes quite crowded, so make sure to get there early if you want to claim a stretch of sand. 

La Concha Beach is free to explore 24 hours a day, but swimming at night is not recommended. For more information on La Concha Beach, visit the San Sebastian tourism board's website

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#1 Parte Vieja

Parte Vieja, also known as the Old Town, is the heart of San Sebastian. Despite its name, it's actually not the oldest part of the city (that honor belongs to Antiguo), but it is the most lively. Parte Vieja's pedestrian-friendly streets are flanked by centuries-old buildings that house a plethora of restaurants, shops and bars. It's considered the best nightlife spot in San Sebastian, as well as the best place to grab pintxos (the local term for light bites, similar to tapas). These two tend to coincide among locals, who begin their nights out pintxos barhopping.  

If you're not a night owl, you can still find things to do in Parte Vieja. Pintxos are served all day and there are a few architectural gems that warrant further exploration. The San Vicente church, located next to the San Telmo Museoa, is the oldest in the city, dating back to the 16th century. Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus, found at the base of Monte Urgull along the bustling Calle Mayor, is also located in this neighborhood. Meanwhile, Plaza de la Constitución is an excellent place to rest your feet and watch the world go by. Keep in mind, though, that the plaza's restaurants may be pricier than other parts of the city due to their central location.

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