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Best Times to Visit Santiago

The best time to visit Santiago is from late-September to November, or from March to May; these months mark the spring and fall shoulder seasons in Chile. Although the city experiences a moderate climate with mild temperatures year-round, spring and fall are especially alluring with plenty of sunshine, thinner crowds and affordable flight options from popular U.S. destinations. Fall (March through May) makes is a particularly pleasant time to visit if you enjoy vino: Wineries celebrate the season with grape harvest festivals. From November to April (summertime in the Southern Hemisphere) temperatures, crowds and hotel prices start to swell. Meanwhile, May to September (the winter season) experiences showers, cooler temps and increased smog levels, but the powder blanketing the nearby Andes beckons to skiers.

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Spring is a particularly pleasant time to visit Santiago: The smog is dissipating and fragrant wisterias are blooming across the city. Plus, you'll avoid the damp days of winter and the heavy crowds of summer by planning a trip during this shoulder season. Average high temperatures range from the mid-60s to the high 70s, providing comfortable conditions for exploring on foot.

Key Events

  • Fiestas Patrias (September)
  • Feria Internacional del Libro (November; website in Spanish)
  • Feria Internacional de Artesania
  • Rodeo Season (September)

December-early March

Visit Santiago in the summertime and you'll be welcomed with dry, mild weather. While visitor numbers and temperatures rise at this time of year, Santiaguinos vacation elsewhere — making it an ideal time to take advantage of less street traffic and dissipated smog levels. High temperatures fluctuate between the 70s and 80s.

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With summer's heavy crowds and high temperatures beginning to wane, fall marks another sweet spot for tourism. Foliage blankets the city streets, and you'll find pleasant daytime temperatures between the mid-60s and the mid-80s. At night, temperatures can drop to the 40s and 50s, so pack a few extra layers.

Key Events

June-early September

If you're planning a trip to Santiago to take advantage of the Andes' snowy peaks, this is the time to visit. Swarms of powder enthusiasts flock to nearby ski resorts dotting El Colorado, Portillo and Valle Nevado; August is a particularly popular month for skiers thanks to steady snow accumulation. With that in mind, Santiago rests beneath the mountains, so prepare yourself for damp, rainy days. Also note that temperatures range anywhere from the 30s to the 60s and smog levels are high at this time of year due to increased air pollution. Although heavy vehicular traffic contributes to year-round air pollution, the smog is more noticeable in the winter because the cold air traps contaminants closer to the ground.

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