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Best Times to Visit São Paulo

The best time to visit São Paulo is from March to May or October to November (the fall and spring shoulder seasons) when the temperatures are comfortable, the city sees less precipitation (and less haze) and premier events are in full swing. Because it's located in the Southern Hemisphere, the city sees opposite seasons from those in the Northern Hemisphere (like the United States). Summer in São Paulo (December to February) is hot and wet, with highs hovering around the 80s, while winter (from June to September) sees comfortable temperatures and little precipitation, making it the high season. Overall, the weather year-round in São Paulo is pleasant, with temperatures rarely dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The summer months in São Paulo are characterized by hot and humid temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low 80s. This time of year also sees the highest amount of rain, sometimes during flash thunderstorms that can even cause flooding on the roadways. Many locals often escape to nearby beach towns to cool off. Because it's the low season, you may be able to snag hotel deals; however, Carnival is a big celebration in Sampa so if you're planning to visit that weekend, book your accommodations a few months in advance.

Key Events:

  • Carnival (February)

With less humidity, sunny days and average temps hovering around the mid-60s to 70s, fall is an ideal time to visit São Paulo and enjoy the outdoor activities, festivals and cultural sights. The city hasn't hit its peak season yet, so you should still be able to find some bargains on room rates.

Key Events:

  • São Paulo Fashion Week (April)
  • Festa de São Vito (May-July)


Winter temperatures in São Paulo range from the mid-50s to the low 70s, plus there's very little precipitation during this season. That combination makes it a favorite among travelers both international and domestic, and people flock to Sampa during these months. Room rates can be pricey so you should book several months prior to your trip.

Key Events:

  • Festa de São Vito (May-July)
  • São Paulo Gay Pride Parade (June)

Another shoulder season, spring sees temperatures fluctuating between the 60s and high 70s. These months also host some of the more popular events in the city, including its world-renowned fashion week and the Formula 1 Grand Prix Race. The city will be a bit busier in spring compared to fall, so plan to book accommodations at least a few months in advance.

Key Events:

  • São Paulo International Film Festival (October)
  • São Paulo Fashion Week (October-November)
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix Race (November)

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