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Best Times to Visit Sarasota

The best times to visit Sarasota are from March to May and between September and November when crowds, temperatures and prices are manageable. (But keep in mind that you may encounter a hurricane should you visit between June and November, Florida's hurricane season.) The city's most comfortable temperatures come in December, January and February, but its population swells with Northern residents (or "snowbirds") in the winter, meaning Sarasota's streets will be packed with cars and its attractions filled with people. Prices are also at their highest during these months. For partially thinned crowds and cheaper hotel and airfare rates, travelers can visit between June and August. However, visitors should expect lots of rain and humidity, as well as average summertime highs in the low 90s.

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Average temperatures can dip into the high 50s at the start of the season and rise into the high 80s by the end of May, so plan on packing a mix of warm and cool weather attire. For the most part, rain will not be an issue, but you may occasionally need an umbrella. Springtime crowds will be at their largest in March but will gradually disperse as the summer season nears. Likewise, prices during these months are at their peak in March, so delay your trip until April or May if you have a limited budget.

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Summertime in Sarasota – and other parts of Florida – is notoriously hot and humid. Rain showers regularly crop up during these months, and the state's hurricane season kicks off in June and lingers until the end of fall. What's more, the city's uncomfortable humidity and high temperatures (which often reach the low 90s) are daily nuisances. However, travelers who are sticking to a tight budget may want to visit at this time. Keep in mind, though, that families looking to take advantage of summer recesses will also be around between June and August, so it's best to book early to lock down lower rates. Additionally, visitors should come prepared for Sarasota's extreme (and somewhat unpredictable) summer weather by securing refundable flights and hotels, drinking lots of water and packing an umbrella.

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Although autumn falls within the worst of Florida's hurricane season, with a bit of luck, visitors will be able to enjoy Sarasota's activities without having to contend with a hurricane. As an added precaution, plan on securing refundable rooms and airfare. If you are willing to take the gamble, you'll enjoy temperatures between the low 60s and mid-70s, as well as cheaper accommodations and flights. Just remember to wrap up your trip by November if you want to avoid the region's snowbirds, who start to arrive around the holidays.

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Peak season in Florida starts a few weeks before Christmas and ends in February. As a result, flights and hotels are pricey, and wait times at restaurants, entertainment venues and Sarasota's top attractions will be longer. But travelers who can afford to spend a little more money and some more time in lines will be rewarded with pleasant temperatures (which average between the low 50s and mid-70s) and fewer rain showers. Plan on bringing light layers for when the sun goes down.

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