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Getting Around Seychelles

The best way to get around Seychelles depends on where you're based: Bus service is commendable on both Mahé and Praslin, while visitors to tiny, flat La Digue would benefit most from a bicycle. If you're planning to travel between islands, Seychelles' ferry services are both convenient and reliable. Taxis can also be found on all three of Seychelles' main islands (though less easily on La Digue), and serve as the most convenient way to get from Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on Mahé's east coast to Victoria and other destinations around the island. You'll find airports on Praslin and several other smaller islands, which are serviced by Air Seychelles and a few other airlines offering inter-island transportation.


The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation provides public bus services on Mahé and Praslin, two of Seychelles' three most visited islands. Buses run every day from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; rides cost a flat rate of 5 SCR (approximately 40 cents). If you plan on using the bus as your primary mode of transportation, consider purchasing a SMART Card for 50 SCR (around $4 USD) — these pre-loaded cards can hold up to 500 SCR (approximately $42 USD), allowing you to board the bus without worrying about carrying change. You can purchase a SMART Card from the SPTC office on Latanier Road in Victoria.

Bike If you're staying on La Digue, you'll find the island is small and flat enough to easily navigate on two wheels. Most guesthouses provide bike rentals for guests, and several shops (such as Tati's Bicycle Rental in La Passe on the northwest side of the island, and Kwikwi on the west coast) loan out wheels. You can also rent a bike on Praslin. While larger than La Digue, Praslin's level terrain is conducive to leisurely rides. 'Many Praslin hotels also have bikes available for their guests to borrow, and you'll find rental venues in Anse Volbert on Praslin's northeast shore. Prices depend on the shop and the duration of the rental, though you should expect to pay around 160 SCR (around $13 USD) per day.

If Mahé serves as your home base and you'd prefer to do without the hassle of depending on the bus, you'll find numerous car rental agencies to choose from. However, you should take extra precautions when getting behind the wheel: Mahé's roads can be steep, and tight turns are common. Plus, you must drive on the left side of the road here — combine unfamiliar driving circumstances with many foreign drivers and you could end up in a rough situation. Stay safe by driving slowly, and keep your eyes on the road. A car will also come in handy if you're staying on Praslin, but convenient hotel shuttle services and extensive bus routes make having your own wheels a luxury rather than a necessity. Prices are fairly standard, with daily rates around 500 to 600 SCR (about $40 to $50 USD), and most companies will accept your United States driver's license.

Taxi No single taxi company services the Seychelles islands; rather, you'll find a fair number of independently owned cabs on Mahé and Praslin, and a few operators on La Digue. You can hail a cab from the street in more populated areas like Victoria, or you can call a driver directly. The first kilometer (0.6 miles) costs 19 SCR (approximately $1.60 USD), and each kilometer thereafter will add about 6 SCR (roughly 50 cents). Expect to pay around 70 SCR (about $6 USD) to get from Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) to Victoria.

If you plan to explore more than one of Seychelles' many islands, riding the ferry is your best bet. Cat Cocos provides daily transportation from Mahé to both Praslin and La Digue, and services Mahé's Inter Island Cay in Victoria, the Praslin Quay along Baie Sainte Anne and La Digue's La Passe Quay; one-way trips last between an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the route. Expect to pay between 835 and 1,060 SCR (around $70 to $88 USD) each way (children can travel for a reduced rate), though prices vary by itinerary. Meanwhile, Inter Island Ferry offers more frequent daily transport between Praslin and La Digue. The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 240 SCR (approximately $20 USD) each way or 432 SCR (about $36 USD) for a round trip; discounts are available for children ages 11 and under.


Air Seychelles, a reputable inter-island carrier, offers transport between Mahé and Praslin (there is no airport on La Digue). Flights from Mahé depart from the domestic terminal at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), located about 5 miles south of Victoria; the Praslin Airport can be found on the island's northwest coast. A one-way trip takes roughly 15 minutes and flights depart roughly every hour. Prices vary depending on the departure time and the season. Luggage restrictions apply here: Carry-on bags cannot exceed 15 pounds, while checked luggage is limited to 70 pounds. For a more luxurious journey, book a private flight between the islands with ZilAir, which flies helicopters between all the Inner Seychelles Islands. Prices start around 4,715 SCR ($398 USD) per person.

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