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Best Times to Visit Stockholm

The best time to visit Stockholm is in the summer – albeit the city's priciest season – because the temperatures are warmest and daylight lasts the longest. Average summertime highs range between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit, with the hottest weather occurring in mid-July. It's important to bring layers, however, as temps can sometimes drop by 10 to 20 degrees come nightfall. The fall and spring seasons are chillier, with highs barely reaching 60 degrees, and that's only during September and May. Winters in Stockholm tend to be extremely cold but are ideal for travelers interested in winter sports or a picturesque Christmastime getaway.

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Airfare and room rates are slightly more expensive than the winter, but springtime in Stockholm is still cheaper than the summer. But don't expect a whole lot of warmth during spring. March averages drift between the mid-20s and 30s, and during April highs get up to about 48 degrees. May is the warmest of the spring months, reaching 60 degrees, but nighttime is still pretty chilly with lows hanging in the 40s. 

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Summer is Stockholm's peak season, and it's easy to see why. The summer boasts the most comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Instead of highs ranging from the 50s to 30s, visitors will be greeted with comfortable 60- and 70-degree temps during the day. Sunlight also lasts the longest during summer, with sunrise occurring as early as 3:40 a.m. and setting at 10 p.m. in July. What's more, Midsummer, one of the country's biggest cultural celebrations, takes place during this time. The downside? Hotels raise their room rates and airfare is likely to be higher, too. 

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After busy peak season ends, you're likely to find less crowds, but temperatures start to drop fast. Highs during September barely scratch the 60-degree surface and the lows are the warmest of fall, staying in the mid-50s. From October to November, expect daily 40-degree temperatures and low 40s and 30s come nightfall. Travel rates are definitely cheaper this time in comparison to summer, but if you're looking for a big bargain, your best bet is winter. 

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With freezing temperatures and very few hours of sunlight, visitors shy away from winters in Stockholm. The temperatures can drop to 23 degrees, but that comes with feet of snow. Not only that, but it's not uncommon for the sun to rise as late as 8:47 a.m. and set as early as 3 p.m. Hotels and airlines, however, tend to offer deals for the brave traveler willing to layer up. Christmastime in Stockholm, with its Skansen Markets and glögg wine, are worth the trip.  

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