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Best Times to Visit Vienna

The best time to visit Vienna is from April to May or September to October. The mild weather in spring and fall brings mild crowds. Most visitors aim to enjoy the warm, sunny weather that Vienna experiences in the summer months. Between June and August, you can expect the city to fill up and room rates to skyrocket. December also sees a spike in tourism since many Europeans flock to the city for a taste of Christmas spirit served Viennese-style, but chilly temperatures can be a deterrent.

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Despite somewhat chilly weather (average temperatures range from the 40s to the high 60s), spring is a great time to visit. The tourism season is just kicking off, so you won't have to worry about long lines at top attractions or inflated prices at hotels yet.

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This is the most popular time to visit thanks to warm weather and plenty of fun-filled events. Temperatures in the 70s make for a great sightseeing atmosphere. However, you won't be the only one looking to soak up the Viennese sun. Hotel rates during this season are definitely on the pricey side while availability is extremely low.

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If you're looking to visit without having to tolerate crowds or freezing weather, fall is another great time to go. Average highs fluctuate between the mid-40s and high 60s. And as the temperatures drop, so do the hotel prices; you're sure to find some great deals on room rates. However, don't underestimate the draw of autumn in Vienna: It's a good idea to book your hotel at least three weeks in advance.

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Even with chilly temperatures (average highs rest in the mid-30s and 40s), Vienna sees yet another surge of tourism during the winter. Why? Because this city really knows how to get into the holiday spirit. Many Europeans head to Vienna for wintertime festivities.

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