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Best Times to Visit West Palm Beach

To avoid the hottest temperatures and biggest crowds, the best times to visit West Palm Beach are at the end of spring (April to May) and the beginning of fall (September to October). You'll be greeted by temperatures that fluctuate between the mid-60s and high 80s while avoiding peak airfare and hotel rates. Families will flood the area when school is out during the summer, and in winter, older part-time residents (or "snowbirds") will resettle in the area to escape the North's cooler temperatures. Keep in mind, though, that Florida's hurricane season comes in the fall, so weather could be an issue at this time.

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With temperatures that hover between the low 60s and mid-80s, spring in West Palm Beach provides visitors with warm weather sans the crowds that swarm in the summer and winter. However, snowbirds typically don't return north for the summer until after Easter, so consider planning your trip during late spring to ensure thinned crowds and the best rates. Also, be sure to catch SunFest, one of the largest music festivals in Florida.

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South Florida's summers are notoriously hot, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low 90s. High humidity is also the norm during this time, so plan to drink lots of water to beat the heat. Families may flock to West Palm during summer recess, but lower hotel rates mean booking a trip in the summer may save you the most bucks.

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You may have to contend with a hurricane during this season, but you'll also enjoy temperatures in the mid-60s to high 80s. Despite higher temperatures at the start of the season, September and October are an ideal time to visit should you hope to avoid high prices and large crowds. Just remember to leave by November, when Florida's snowbirds begin to arrive for the holidays.

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The city's high season is winter, when visitors flee the cold of their northern hometowns to enjoy Florida's famous year-round sunshine. But come wintertime, airfare and hotel rates rise, making an already pricey destination even more expensive to visit. Though day temperatures will be heavenly (between the mid-50s and mid-70s), spending the holidays in this coastal paradise will cost you dearly.

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